BodyRock Fat Burn Challenge | Day 2

Hi BodyRockers, Day Two has arrived. How was yesterday ? Did you manage to HIIT it once or twice through ? Kristin is here today to take you through today's 12 Minutes. Even with 30 seconds work this pushed Kristin to her MAX. How did you do today? When you're all done, head over to the Challenge Facebook Page and share your experience with the community!

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Today’s Motivation:

Remember the more intense your workout is, the better for you. Let others who don’t know any better to waste their time at the gym with their hour+ long workouts. We bodyrockers are getting the benefits from short, intense, and fun full body workouts that burn tuns of calories, boost your metabolism, shape your body, improve your cardio & we are continuing to do this everyday for 30 Days Together – No Excuses !! The whole point of this 30 Day Challenge is to get you geared up so that we all head into Summer feeling confident in not only our bodies, but also in our swimwear.  At a time when most people abandon their fitness in favour of a lot of sweets and other choices that don’t support their training goals. We are Hitting it everyday in true BodyRocker Style; because we never give up!

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