Body Rocking 41 Weeks Pregnant?

I have got a lot of questions regarding working out during pregnancy lately!  Lol yes I will never expereince this believe it or not however, here is a woman that did BodyRock during pregnancy.  You should consult your doctor about exercise if you are pregnant!
Body rocking while pregnant
Let me begin by saying everyone will always have an opinion on what you should do, what you should eat, how a you are supposed to look while pregnant.
The only thing you need to listen to is your body and your doctor .
No one knows what you are capable of doing while pregnant except for you !
Pregnancy is not an excuse to sit back and eat whatever you want and become inactive .  Pregnancy is a chance for you to learn to love your body and all that it is capable of doing.  No one can grow a human quite like you can.
I have had  5 babies and all have been very different pregnancies .  The one constant in all of my pregnancies was I continued to work out , right up until the day I gave birth.
This is me 30 weeks pregnant with sawyer , and sawyer is saying " oh no not another hiit workout". With only 9 weeks left I am sure I can hiit everyday until I give birth. Btw this is baby #5
Everyone had opinions on my level of activity and the size of my belly ( or lack thereof). Even bodyrockers condemned me for "hitting " it during my pregnancy , some even doubted I was pregnant at all.  Sean took alot of heat for posting my pregnant belly pics.
Some body rockers thought me a terrible parent because I burpeed my way through my pregnancy, and thought I was giving an unrealistic image to what 32 and 36 weeks pregnant should like .
I have seen many women ask the hiit team advice about doing the workouts while pregnant , is it safe , can I do it .
The simple answer is yes!!! Yes you can!  Of course check with your obgyn. mine was supportive and even amazed at my level of fitness and the tummy muscles i had . (she could never really get an accurate measurement of my fundus, it became a ongoing joke).   if you are active before pregnancy , u can be active during , and if you were sedentary before pregnancy now is the perfect time to just start moving.
34 weeks , still going strong
Women a hundred years ago were toiling away in the fields while pregnant, and had healthy natural births .  Some women have run marathons while pregnant. This woman did a 32 min hiit Max workout the morning  I went into be induced .
My advice on doing hiit workouts is simple, listen to your body , drink lots of water, take it a bit slower if you need to.  If you can't do a burpee , step it back. If mountain climbers are to hard with a growing belly , step your feet up to your hands .
I am one of the lucky ones whose tummy does not get big, I have a very long torso so I did not need to modify the moves,  I did however move slower in the last four weeks of my pregnancy hiit's.
Here is a pic of me at 41 weeks, just finished a hiit this morning and the next pic is if my little man , born today April 24 at 4 21 , 7lbs 7 oz.
The bottom line for bodyrocking while pregnant is this;
You feel better
Your body is strong for labour and delivery
You recover faster after delivery
Your body image during pregnancy remains positive.
You will amaze yourself at what your body can do.
With my 5th pregnancy I gained healthy amount of weight.  I was back in my skinny jeans 2 weeks after I delivered.  And I was bodyrocking two days after delivery .
I admit I had to take it much easier because of my engorged humongous breasts, but it all calmed down in 6 weeks.
My baby boy was born at a healthy 7lbs 7 oz, and my birth experience was amazing.
Never focus on the scale before during or after pregnancy , focus on how you feel!!   You just made a human!  Take rest when you need it , eat when you are hungry, sleep when baby sleeps, and take 12-16 minutes out of your day to move your body; not just to get back your ore pregnancy shape, but because it will help you deal with the stress and the emotions of having a newborn can bring.
Your body is a miracle in itself , never underestimate it's ability, or your ability .
Keep on rockin!!!

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