Body Shaming At Its Worst: Nightclub Promoters Shun 'Fat' 'Ugly' and 'Old' People

Whenever I think of the epitome of a negative nightclub situation, I think of the movie "Knocked Up" where the bouncer refuses to let two ladies in because one is pregnant and the other is old. It sounds absolutely absurd that this could actually be happening in real life, but it is. nightclub If you've ever been to a popular nightclub on its busiest night, you know not to show up at midnight with your friends expecting there not to be a line. In fact, there's often an unavoidable and insanely high cover charge to top it off. And if you are one of those people waiting in the long line, you'll likely find promoters strolling around, picking out ladies in the line that they either know or they've made eye contact with and ushering them through the double doors as you wait patiently for your turn to come. Promoters indeed look to bring attractive individuals into clubs to enhance the status of the venue. Men with expensive clothing and a slew of ladies in sexy dresses are shoo-ins. It sounds materialistic, right? Unfortunately for one club in London, the superficiality surrounding the scene created a negative impact on their venue. Central London club Cirque le Soi's promoters have been put on blast for messaging punters informing them that 'fat' people will not be allowed into the club, and that unattractive groups will not be allowed in. "no big/fat girls/guys" promoters "Only 1 girls is not so good. The door girl will probably charge 3/4 of the girls because of that 1 girl." promoters A spokesperson for the nightclub reassured the media that the messages are not an extension of their own policy. "We would like to distance ourselves from comments made by a so-called "promoter" who is not employed by us in any capacity and reassure you that this is not our door policy whatsoever." Have you ever experienced unfair treatment at a club? Source: Cosmopolitan Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_104845" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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