Body Weight Only! Hiit Reps

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 3.37.53 PM Hi! Here is a quick and challenging total body work out! Best of all, no equipment is needed! You can blast this one out using just your own body weight! At the end of this workout you will have done: 340 Abs Reps, 200 Arms Reps, 120 Legs Reps, and 80 Cardio Reps. Ready, set, hiit it! 25 Reverse Crunches 25 Dips 20 Alternating Front Lunges 10 V-ups 25 Biceps Curls 10 Tuck Jumps 25 Obliques Crunches Right 25 Obliques Crunches Left 10 Burpees Hiit it 4 times. Love it? Let me know!

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