I officially completed 6 weeks of intense bodybuilding training. It was for a online competition on  I will have to say that it wasn't easy. I had times I wanted to quit, times I wanted to eat bad, times I wanted to sleep in, times I wanted to pick up the lighter weight but I didn't give up! Here I am 6 weeks in and I feel accomplished and proud of what I have done. I dropped several pounds but more importantly my body made changes. I am leaner, stronger and my body is much more toned than it has ever been. I am 27 with 4 kids and I am in the best shape of my life. Much better then when I was a young teen. Having two of my sister-in-laws be apart of it~ really was key. If I didn't have them to hold me accountable I would have never made it. I had someone to meet at the gym, someone to text durning the day when I wanted to cheat, and someone to show up at my house to workout. We would trade off cooking each other healthy lunches (them more than me) so that we could try new fun recipes and wouldn't get bored with the same old foods. So, I suggest if you ever think about doing something like this get a partner or a coach. My kids enjoyed watching me stick to my goals although the poor things also had to see mommy get cranky and tired pretty often. The early mornings and low calorie diet at points would really make me irritable. I would try to just keep my mouth shut during those moments and rely on John (my husband) to take over the parenting duties. Speaking of John- if it wasn't for him this would have never been possible. He supported me and helped with anything I needed durning the 6 weeks. Especially watching the kids durning training session. My training consisted of: Week 1 I did CrossFit at a local gym at 530am. I really wanted to try out CrossFit so I used my free week to jump start my training. I really enjoyed it. Weeks 2-6 I did Jamie Eason workout program but started at Stage 3. I met my sister in laws at the gym at 430am to lift weights ( I only missed 2 mornings due to a sick child but still did the weights at home). Then in the late mornings or afternoons I would do some sort of cardio workout (boot camp style). I also run a local MomStrong boot camp so that sometimes was my cardio for the day. My diet consisted of: I started off with 1400 calories a day. As the the weeks went by I would drop some each week. I tried to take in my weight in grams of protein a day. Which normally meant tons of lean meat, egg whites and protein shakes. I was drinking at least a gallon of water a day and as the competition was getting closer to the end I added more water. I didn't take any diet pills or extra supplements expect fish oil. Epic Cheat Day: Today I took my After photos. We had planned a photo session and then to have a pig out party. We ordered wings, burgers, fries, and Krispy Kreme. I was very excited about all the greasy, sugary food but we couldn't actually eat very much of it because our stomachs are so small. To be honest- I'm ready to go back to clean fresh foods already. As good as the burger tasted  I never feel as good as I do after a green salad with lean meat on top. Would I do it again?: I will always stay fit. I will always eat clean. I will always love to move. I will always try and inspire others to move! But, will I do another bodybuilding competition? I feel like that question is similar to asking a women if she will have another baby right after she gives birth? So, my answer is MAYBE :) frontbeforeandafter sidebeforeandafter backbeforeandafter cheat

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