BodyRock 30 Day Challenge: Day #14

Good day, BodyRockers!

Today makes day #14 of the challenge and I am feeling more energetic than ever (thanks BodyRock & nutritionist Ciara Foy!!) with just two days till my due date. Since the weather has perked up a bit and is actually warmer than usual, I took a nice jog outdoors on the beach. I ended my run with 50 sumo squats and 50 walking lunges. While its harder to jog on the sand, it did help absorb some of the impact from being almost 40 weeks pregnant! For my diet today, I stuck with the BodyRock nutritional plan's recipes: Breakfast: Feel Good Muscle Building Oatmeal Lunch: Tandori Chicken with the Base Quinoa Salad Dinner: Steak, Kale, & Rosemary Sweet Potato Chips Snacks: Today, I gave my Blendtec a good use or two! For my morning snack, I made the Green Vitality smoothie and for my mid-noon snack, I made the Pumpkin Pie in a Glass smoothie.

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