Bodyrock Baby - Week 10

Hey mamas!! I hope everyone is doing well and feeling great!! I know a lot of you are asking for the videos back and I have good news.. they will be back!! We have todays (pic form) and next week will also be pic form, but then back to videos!!! And by then we will see how many weeks we can do until little baby Zap is here!! I keep thinking he or she is going to be early because I feel like I have the most active baby in the world, and I just don't see how he or she is going to be able to be squished in there for too long haha.. But then again both of my sisters thought one of their children's births were going to come early and they were both late! Soooooo, who knows!? I have a quick topic discussion before I display the workout.. Pregnancy Stretch Marks!!!! Although I truly believe if you do get stretch marks from housing a human being they are your tiger stripes to remind you how strong and beautiful the female body is to endure such a transformation, and to actually create another human being. However, I can't say that I want them. I feel genetics and skin elasticity have a lot to do with whether or not you get them, but I would still try to prevent them in any way I can. Here is what I am doing to try to prevent them (and no stretch marks as of yet, I still have lots of growing still as baby Zap will double in size from now till birth!!) 1- Grease yourself up as often as possible haha - I use Palmers body oil, lotion and tummy butter. I also made my own lotion/oil for after bath, a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil. 2- Drink plenty of fluids!!! Water specifically!!! Dehydrated skin stretching cannot be good! 3- Make sure to eat healthy foods, and be sure to take your fish oils which help with your skin, but also your baby's brain! What are your thoughts on this? What do you do/use to try to prevent pregnancy stretch marks??  On to the workout!! Perform 15 repetitions per exercise, three times through. DSC_4186   1- Sumo squat to side lunge- Start standing, with your legs wide and toes pointing out, holding a weight in front of  your chest, squat down as low as you can then transfer all your weight to one leg (moving into a side lunge) make sure you keep your bum back and weight on your heels. Move to the other side and back to the squat, stand up and repeat (10 each!! So that means you will squat, stay low and lunge to the right, then the left and back to the middle and back up to standing.. that is one rep!)   DSC_4134DSC_4135   DSC_4138DSC_4137 DSC_4139 2- Plank (which you can do off of your toes or your knees (Hold plank for a min of 30 sec and up to 1 min if you can) DSC_4141DSC_4142 3- Bicep curl to Arnold press-  Hold your weights in your hands by your side with your palms facing forward (as shown) perform a bicep curl, then perform a shoulder press, as you press up, twist your wrists so your palms are facing forward when at the top of the press. Bring your arms back down so that your palms are facing you and your weights should be under your chin then extend your arms back down at your side. (15 reps each) DSC_4143DSC_4144 DSC_4145DSC_4147 4- Holding on to the bosu, running man - Hold onto your bosu, or if you don't have one you can put your hands on the floor, while keeping your back flat (in a push up plank position) hug your baby and pull one knee in at a time. (Timed for 30 seconds) DSC_4148DSC_4149 DSC_4150 5- Alternating side lunges while holding a weight straight out in front of your chest - Start with your feet about hip width apart and holding a weight straight out in front of you (keep it out the entire time) Take a big step to your right, bend your right knee, lunge down and keep your bum back and weight on your heel! remember to keep your other leg straight and push off of your right heel to come back to standing position, then alternate sides. (12-15 reps per leg)   DSC_4151DSC_4152 DSC_4153DSC_4154 6 - Plank up down on the bosu - Start in a push up plank position with your hands on the bosu (this could also be done with your hands on the floor, and from your knees) bring your right elbow down to the bosu, followed by your left, then push your self back up leading with your right hand again followed by your left. Try to alternate your arms so you are not always leading with one side. Be sure to keep your back flat and try not to swing your hips. (Timed for 30 seconds) DSC_4155DSC_4156 DSC_4157DSC_4158 DSC_4159 7 - Upright Row -  Hold on to your bar with an overhand grip a bit wider than shoulder width apart, pull the bar up making sure to keep your elbows up high (higher than your wrists) then lower the weight back down. (15 reps) DSC_4160DSC_4161 8-  Ball over shoulder Alternating lunge - This exercise could be done with a sandbag however at this stage of my pregnancy I went with the medicine ball that is a little lighter than the sandbag and a little easier to maneuver. Start standing holding onto the handle of the med ball with your left hand, pull/swing the ball up and over your right shoulder and step back into a back lunge with your right leg. Keep all of your weight on the left heel (the leg in front) then alternate sides. (10-12 reps per leg) DSC_4167DSC_4168   9 -  Side to front raise, drag- Start holding your weights in front of your body (palms facing each other) raise your arms up to a side raise, then drag the weights to the front and lower them in front of your body then, do a front raise and drag them back to the side, and lower back down to your starting position (you may have to use a little lighter weight than you would normally go with for a normal lateral raise) (10 reps each, again this means you will raise up to the side, drag to the front, DSC_4178DSC_4179 DSC_4180DSC_4182 DSC_4183DSC_4182 DSC_4179DSC_4178 10 - Plank Jumping jacks - Start in a push up plank position, while keeping your back straight (give your baby another squeeze) jump or walk your feet out (wide) and back in (together) DSC_4185

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