BodyRock Baby - Week 6

30 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest three sets each.

What does "superset" mean?

A superset (also called a "circuit") is a combination of two or more exercises where you don't complete all of the sets and reps for the first exercise and then move on to the second exercise, as is standard. A superset is different in that you first complete all of the reps for set 1 of exercise #1, then without resting move immediately to complete all of the reps for set 1 of exercise #2 (and then set 1 of exercise #3 of the superset, if there is one, exercise #4, exercise #5, etc.). When all of the reps are completed for set 1 of all of the exercises within the superset, you rest for the designated rest time (then start on set 2 of exercise #1, set 2 of exercise #2, etc.).


1. Pushups On Equalizer * Superset = Plank Toe Taps * 2. Pike Push Ups * Superset = Single Arm Row * 3. Chest Flies * Superset = Skull Crushers * 4. Shoulder Press * Superset = Upright Row * 5. Bicep Curl * Superset = Tricep Dips 6. Lateral Raises * Superset = Bicep Hammer Curls *  


1 – Push-ups on the equalizer bars (hands on the bars put the bar lying on the floor, perform push-ups ).
Superset with plank toe taps (hands on the floor in a push-up plank position, with your toes on the ball… First take your right toe and tap It on the floor beside the ball and then switch take your left foot off the ball and tap Your toe beside the ball on the floor etc)
2- Pike push-up (place your hands on the floor as close to your feet as possible with your bum/hips straight up in the air so that you're in a pike position, and perform Pike push-ups)
3_2 3
Superset with single arm row, holding on to your weighted bag
43- chest flies (Head and shoulders on the ball hips up to support your back, start with your arms straight out over your chest, lower your arms down towards the floor with a slight bend in the elbows and return to starting position.
5_2 5
Superset with skull crushers (Head and shoulders on the ball arms are straight up over your chest bend your arms at the elbows bringing the weights beside your temple then extend your arms to starting position.
6_2 6
4- shoulder press (start with the bar in front of your body, right under your chin. Extend your arms straight up over your head and return to starting position)
7 7_2
Superset with upright row (start with your hands pronated grip over the bar extended down in front of your body, roll up, making sure to keep your elbows higher than your wrists)
8_25- bicep curl - holding onto the bar in a supinated position with arms fully extended in front of the body, curl up toward your chin, bending only at the elbow, and return to starting position.
9_2 9_1
Superset with tricep dips off of the ball (start with your hands on the ball behind you and your knees bent with your feet on the floor, bend at your elbows dropping your whole body toward the floor while keeping your bum close to the ball, and then extend your arms fully to the starting position)
10_2 106- lateral raises (start with your arms extended holding onto your weights in front of your body raise your arms up to The side creating a "T "with a slight bend in your elbows.
11_2 11
Superset with bicep hammer curls (start holding on to the bars with a neutral grip, with arms fully extended in front of your body bending at your elbow raise the bar up toward your chin and fully extended to starting position

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