Bodyrock Baby - Week 8

  Here is week 8 of our Bodyrock Baby series, a workout program to keep you 'hiiting' it safely throughout your pregnancy. This workout program is designed for expecting mammas to be who have been following bodyrock workouts and or a fitness routine and looking to maintain their current level of fitness while performing exercises which are modified for safety during your pregnancy. During your pregnancy you should not be looking to increase your physical fitness level, in fact you will have to take it back a notch. If ever you feel discomfort during your workout, reassess and make sure you are doing what is right for you, your body and your pregnancy! Enjoy! You will be performing Giant sets in this workout 3 groups of 4 exercises per group. Try to do 2-3 sets with 30-35 sec of work and 15-20 sec of rest (adjust for your fitness level, and how much you can handle)

    Triple stop Push ups -  Just the same as a regular push-up which can be done on your toes or your knees,. Start with your arms fully extended come down a quarter of the way pause for a second come down halfway, pause and again and as close to the ground as possible pausing one last time then return to your starting position  
1_2 1_3 1 Ball throws (lying on your back) Carefully get down to a lying position. (you can also do this on an incline if you have a bench.) holding a medicine ball toss the ball straight up over your chest and catch (make sure you have good coordination and CAN catch the ball). If you are worried or feel You may miss and drop the ball on your stomach, DO NOT DO this exercise!!! As you can see in the picture displayed I am not throwing the ball as high as I can either.. I am just releasing then catching immediately. - You may also MAINTAIN grip of the ball and just press up and down as quickly as you can 2 2_2   Pull-ups using the dip station Keeping your feet flat on the floor knees bent and hips up, pull your body up as high as you can and returning back down. Pretend there's a string attached to your chest pulling it up to the ceiling. 3_2 3   Medicine ball slams. Holding the medicine ball in front of your body throwing it down to the floor while keeping your tummy tight [give your baby a big squeeze] make sure you are not performing a crunching motion with your stomach, but squatting as you throw the ball down and pushing your hips back while keeping your chest up 4_1 4_3 4_2   Close grip chest press using the bar. Grip the bar with an overhand grip and your hands about 6 inches apart. Come right down with the bar to your chest, and press straight up. Make sure to keep your hips up to support your back if you are on a ball or you can use a bench if you own one. 5_2 5   Push-ups with your hands in a triangle position, index fingers and thumbs touching. This exercise can be done on your toes or your knees. 6_2 6   Bird-dog Start on your hands and knees with your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Reach your right arm straightforward and your left leg straight back, (be very careful as your balance may be off.) come back to the starting position and alternate sides reaching your left arm forward this time and your right leg back. (hug your baby and make sure your back doesn't arch) 7 7_2  7_3   Reverse flies Start in a bent over position pushing your hips back and keeping your chest up to ensure that your back stays flat. Your arms should then go straight down then with a slight bend in your elbow raise them up to the sides and back to your starting position 8 8_2   Sand bag shoulder press. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart holding onto your sandbag with the side handles, start under your chin and press up over your head making sure to keep your core strong and not let your hips go forward. 9 9_2   Steering wheel Standing with your feet shoulder width apart holding onto a round weight, extend your arms straight out in front of your chest and rotate to the right then to the left just like turning a steering wheel of a vehicle. 10 10_3 10_2   Bent over concentration curls This can be done sitting down, and with a dumbbell if you have them. If you're standing, make sure you are bent over with your hips right back ensuring that your back is completely flat [not rounded] sticking out your bum and sticking out your chest, support yourself by leaning on your leg with the arm that is not lifting the weight. With your right arm grip your weight let your arm dangle straight down and perform a bicep curl well keeping your elbow stationary [don't let it move backwards or rotate outwards]. If you're seated, have your legs spread with your knees wide and place your elbow on the inside of your knee to ensure that your arm won't be moving. 11 11_2   Dips using the Equalizer bars Start with your toes just behind the base of the bars, holding onto the bars, lean forward and bend your knees so that your shoulders are over your hips/knees. Bend your elbows, and dip down, and press back up to the starting position. 12 12_2

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