BodyRock Baby - Week 9

  Perform 15 repetitions per exercise, three times through. 1- In and out squats – Perform a squat while staying in the squatted position jump into a wide squat and back to a narrow squat, staying low the whole time. 1_21 2- Around the world push-ups – Make sure there is a lot of room around you. Perform a push-up either off of your toes or your knees. While keeping your toes in one position rotate clockwise and with each step you take with your hands perform another push-up until you come back to where u performed your first push up (think of a clock and go all the way around) 2_22     2_32_4   2_52_6   2_7 3- Bent-over row- Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend over making sure to keep your back as flat as possible. Have a slight bend in your knees and make sure to push your weight back onto your heels, pull the weight up toward your ribs, keep your shoulders down and back and squeeze your shoulder blades together. 3_2 4- Lunge with a shoulder press – Start holding one weight in your right hand, lunge forward with your left leg and press your right arm up, then return to the starting position repeat this for 15 repetitions then switch sides. 44_2   5- Overhead medicine ball squat- Hold your medicine ball or a dumbbell straight up over your head and perform squats while making sure to keep your arms straight up,  toward the ceiling. 5_25 6- Running man, with your hands on the equalizer bars. - At 29 weeks pregnant my belly is much closer to the floor when performing any push-up or planking exercise… Place your hands on an elevated surface, whether it be the equalizer bars like I have shown, or the first step of the stairs in your home or a coffee table etc. Keeping your body in a push-up plank position pull one knee in at a time making sure to keep your back flat while giving your baby a big squeeze :) 66_2   6_3 7- Split squat - keep one foot elevated behind you, make sure you are out far enough so that your knee does not go past your toe. Squat down as Louis you can comfortably, making sure you keep all of your weight on your heel not your toe. 77_2 8- Single leg deadlifts- Keeping one leg elevated behind you start in an upright position keeping all of your weight on your heel of the foot that is planted on the floor. Holding on to weights, bend forward at the hip while keeping your leg straight [just don't lock out your knees] make sure to look forward, keeping your head up ensuring your back stays completely flat, feel a stretch in your hamstring and squeeze your glutes as you come back to your standing position. 88_2   9- Band bicep curls- hold on to your resistance band, standing on the band to create tension. Make sure you keep your elbows at your side and curl up so that your hands are in front of your shoulders. Lower your arms down slowly to a fully extended position making sure to resist the weight slowly.   99_2   10- Kick backs - Start with your feet about hip width apart and your knees slightly bent, bend over sticking out your bum and her chest to ensure a flat back. Pull your elbows up and squeeze them into your sides extend your arms straight back making sure to keep your elbows up high, don't let them drop down. Then bend your elbows so that your fists are towards the floor and repeat.   10_    

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