BodyRock Blast | Day 13 - Cardio

Hi BodyRockers! Today's workout is a plyo HIIT that will leave you breathless! Get a towel and water ready to go! Never miss another workout! Get these daily workouts emailed directly to you. Just sign up for the workouts here and check the workouts box!

12 Minutes of Work

50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


1. 2 Rainbow Kicks, 1 Frog Hop

Stand facing the equalizer with feet slightly wider than hip width.  Squat down, as you stand draw your right leg slightly in front of your body and then engage your core to guide your leg up and over the equalizer  (like you’re tracing the shape of a rainbow over the equalizer). As your right foot returns to the ground, immediately go into a squat and repeat the same movement with your left foot. As your left foot returns to the ground, immediately go into a squat and then explosively jump up and draw your heels together to click them under your body.   Jacqui - Workout 7-7 Jacqui - Workout 7-6 Jacqui - Workout 7-5 Jacqui - Workout 7-4 Jacqui - Workout 7-7 Jacqui - Workout 7-8

2. High Knees Lateral Burpee

With the equalizer lying on the ground, quickly pull one knee up and then the other as you travel across the equalizer. Once you’re at the other side, squat down reaching your hands to the ground and hop your feet straight back to come into a strong plank.  Hold the plank for half a second and then hop your feet back to your hands and repeat the high knees across the equalizer.

Jacqui - Workout 7-10 Jacqui - Workout 7-11 Jacqui - Workout 7-12 Jacqui - Workout 7-13 Jacqui - Workout 7-14 Jacqui - Workout 7-15 Jacqui - Workout 7-16

3. 2 Ski Abs, 4 Mountain Climbers

In a plank position, with hands on the side of the equalizer, hop both feet to your left hand and then hop back to plank.  Hop both feet to your right hand and then hop back to plank. Once back in plank, do 4 mountain climbers by quickly pulling one knee to your chest and then the other.  

Jacqui - Workout 7-17 Jacqui - Workout 7-18 Jacqui - Workout 7-19 Jacqui - Workout 7-20 Jacqui - Workout 7-21 Jacqui - Workout 7-22 Jacqui - Workout 7-23

4.  Seated Twisted Knee Crunch

  Start in a seated position and keep legs glued together extended straight out in front of you.  As you exhale, engage your core and tuck you knees in to the left side of your body.  Release the crunch and extend your legs back out front.  Again, as you exhale, crunch your knees into the right side of your body. Jacqui - Workout 7-24 Jacqui - Workout 7-25 Jacqui - Workout 7-26 Jacqui - Workout 7-27 Jacqui - Workout 7-28

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