BodyRock Blast | Day 17 - Total Body

12 Minutes of Work

50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


1. Dive Bomb, Knee Tuck, Sumo Squat

Dive Bomber, Tuck, Sumo Starting in a down dog position, bend your elbows outward as your chest and hips begin to descend to the mat.  The motion your body should make is a sweeping motion - sweep your body down to an up dog. Once there, immediately reverse the motion to end up back in down dog. Once in down dog, hop your feet directly behind your hands, then hop back to plank.  Quickly hop your feet to the outside of your hands, then back to plank, then down dog.  Repeat entire exercise.   Jacqui - Workout 9-2 Jacqui - Workout 9-3 Jacqui - Workout 9-4 Jacqui - Workout 9-5 Jacqui - Workout 9-6 Jacqui - Workout 9-7 Jacqui - Workout 9-8 Jacqui - Workout 9-9 Jacqui - Workout 9-10

2. Front + Lateral Shoulder Raise

Front and Lateral Shoulder Raises Standing strong with your knees slightly bent and your arms by your side, palms facing you.  Start with a front raise by rotating your palms to face behind you.  Lift your arms up so that they are at eye level and then slowly lower them back down.  Smoothly and immediately go right into a lateral lift.  Raise your arms to the side, palms facing down and then lower them slowly. Jacqui - Workout 9-12 Jacqui - Workout 9-13 Jacqui - Workout 9-14

3. Side Plank, Oblique Crunch, 4 Mountain Climbers, Tuck Jump

Ab Killer Starting in a side plank with right hand down and left hand to your left ear, engage your obliques and crunch your left knee to your left elbow - do that twice. Come into a plank and do 4 cross body mountain climbers - keep your butt low and pull you right knee to your left elbow and then your left knee to right elbow. After the cross body mountain climbers, hop both feet to your hands and jump up while drawing your knees to your chest. Repeat. Jacqui - Workout 9-16 Jacqui - Workout 9-17 Jacqui - Workout 9-18 Jacqui - Workout 9-19 Jacqui - Workout 9-20 Jacqui - Workout 9-21 Jacqui - Workout 9-22 Jacqui - Workout 9-23

4. Man Makers

Ladymakers Stating in plank with Power Blocks in hand - do 1 push-up, then lift your right elbow up for one row.  Replace the hand back on the floor and do another push-up, again pulling up your left elbow for a row.  Replace the weight to the ground and hop feet to hands.  Stand, pushing the weights straight up.  Lower back down to starting position. Jacqui - Workout 9-15 Jacqui - Workout 9-24 Jacqui - Workout 9-25 Jacqui - Workout 9-26 Jacqui - Workout 9-27 Jacqui - Workout 9-28 Jacqui - Workout 9-29 Jacqui - Workout 9-30 Jacqui - Workout 9-31 Jacqui - Workout 9-34 Jacqui - Workout 9-32 Jacqui - Workout 9-33 Jacqui - Workout 9-24

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