BodyRock Blast | Day 2

Workout Breakdown

1 Round = 12 Minutes

50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


Beginner/Intermediate: 1 Round

Advanced: 2 - 3 Rounds

:: Jump Tuck

:: One Leg Push Up

:: Hop Scotch Wall Ball Twist (left)

:: Wall Ball Swing

:: Hop Scotch Wall ball Twist (right)

:: Wall Ball Swing

:: Challenger Push Up

:: Reverse Pull Up


Today's Motivation

This is not a time of the year that a lot of people are thinking about fitness. Depending on where you are in the world (we are in Toronto) the heart of the summer is about to unfold. People spent the winter months prepping for bikini season, and now that we are in the sunshine, motivation to work out is at its lowest ebb of the year. This is when people tell themselves that they will 'start again in the fall' which for many of us turns into 'starting again in the New Year' which eventually goes full circle to where we are standing right now. Sound familiar? If you want to break that pattern of procrastination and take a new lease out on your life then why not start with us today. It's free, it's right here on this page, and it only takes 12 minutes (if you want our workouts delivered to your inbox each day you can sign up for our free daily workout email at the bottom of this page). Doing your best to complete this one workout won't give you the body of a Victoria's Secret Angel, it won't attract the man or woman of your dreams and it won't solve your problems at work. What it will do is make you feel a sense of accomplishment and well being that will set you up a little bit higher for the rest of your day. Overcoming inertia and procrastination is a powerful first step that gets you moving in the direction that you want to go - and we will be here for you every single day with a new workout that you can do at home. Overtime the results come - you will get leaner, fitter, stronger and feel at home and at peace in your body. Of course you don't want to do it. Now get your ass up and let's break through that first flimsy barrier of excuses together and get our BodyRock on. Best, Freddy Give us your feedback in the comments and on Facebook. If you like this workout please share it!

Visual Breakdown

Jump Tuck

Kneeling on a flat surface feet about hip width apart.  Begin exercise by getting down in to a half squat position exploding off the ground while bringing your knees as close to you r chest as possible.  Swing arms to explode off the ground.  Land as softly as you can on the balls of your feet with a bend in your knees.  Repeat the exercise.

 Sean-Workout1-2 Sean-Workout1-3 Sean-Workout1-4 Sean-Workout1-5

One Legged Push Up

Get into a plank position with arms about shoulder width apart.  Ground toes into the floor to stabilize lower half of the body.  Engage abs and back so the body is neutral.  Begin to lower the body with your eyes focusing about 3 feet in front of you with a flat back. On your way to the ground simply pick up one leg and cross it over the other leg where you will have one foot on the floor.  Repeat exercise.Sean-Workout1-6 Sean-Workout1-7 Sean-Workout1-8 Sean-Workout1-9 Sean-Workout1-10 Sean-Workout1-11 Sean-Workout1-12 Sean-Workout1-13

Hop Scotch Wall Ball Twist

Get in a plank position with hands on the wall ball.  Start by jumping to the left with your legs landing less then shoulder width apart.  Pick up the Wall Ball as if you are doing a wood chop starting from floor to shoulder lever.  Be sure to keep your back as straight as possible being light on the feet and rotating your core. Rotation is to the same side as your hop.Sean-Workout1-14 Sean-Workout1-15 Sean-Workout1-16 Sean-Workout1-17 Sean-Workout1-18 Sean-Workout1-19 Sean-Workout1-20 Sean-Workout1-21 Sean-Workout1-22 Sean-Workout1-23

Wall Ball Swing

Stand over the ball with your feet hip width apart chest up shoulders back and down.  The ball should be in line with the middle of your feet.  Squatting down grip the strap soften the knees and shift your bodyweight into your heels and lower your back side down.  Driving your heel explode the the hips to send that weight swinging upward from your quads.  High chest arms extended. Repeat exercise.Sean-Workout1-24 Sean-Workout1-25 Sean-Workout1-26 Sean-Workout1-27

Challenger Push Up

Get into a plank position with arms about shoulder width apart. Put legs up onto the Bodyrock Challenger.  Engage abs and back so the body is neutral.  Begin to lower the body with your eyes focusing about 3 feet in front of you with a flat back. On your way to the ground simply keep your back flat and core strong.  Do not dip your back! Push yourself back up into starting position. Repeat exercise.

Sean-Workout1-28 Sean-Workout1-29 Sean-Workout1-30 Sean-Workout1-31 Sean-Workout1-32 Sean-Workout1-33

Reverse Pull Up

Face the raised bars, grasp the bar underhand grip palms facing the body at the desired width of the bars. Inhale pull the chest to the bar keeping the body upright and puffing out the chest.  The elbows should be pointing more in.  Lower the body to the starting position letting the arms extend. Repeat Exercise

Sean-Workout1-34 Sean-Workout1-35 Sean-Workout1-36 Sean-Workout1-37 Sean-Workout1-38 Sean-Workout1-39 Sean-Workout1-40


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