BodyRock Blast | Day 3 - Booty Builder

Hi BodyRockers, As I’m sure you are aware, not everyday is going to be epic. Taking time for your fitness can be the last thing you want to do when the rest of your day has gone to sh*t. It’s easy to give in to the temptation to cut your workout lose for the day (or the week) and tell yourself that you will get back on it later. But here is the thing. All the stuff that is driving you nuts and making you crazy is likely caused by other people and their deadlines and expectations. So you spend your life running around like a frantic mess for other people. Looking after other people’s needs is part of life but what are you doing for you? At some point you need to start investing back in you. That’s where we come in - BodyRock with us for 12 minutes a day and put a little bit back into the soul tank. We don’t need to tell you that exercise is amazing for dealing with anxiety, depression and tension. It cuts through stress with the added benefit of making you stronger, fitter and faster. Carve out 12 minutes with us and smash through today’s workout. Best, Freddy

Workout Breakdown

1 Round = 12 Minutes

50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


Beginner: 1 Round

Intermediate/Advanced: 3 Rounds

:: Straight bar lunge double pump, switch lunge

:: Challenger one leg push-up

:: Straight bar squats

:: Single leg Down dog, 3 wide mountain climbers

Photo Breakdown

Straight bar lunge double pump, switch lunge

Begin with normal lunge position with front leg at a 90 degree angle and back leg behind you. Pulse your lunge by coming up 2 inches and then back down 2 inches. After the pulse, explosively jump up replacing your feet in the air by moving back leg to front and front leg to back.  Keep chest and torso up right and engaged throughout entire movement.  Repeat exercise.

Jacqui-Workout2-2 Jacqui-Workout2-3 Jacqui-Workout2-4 Jacqui-Workout2-5 Jacqui-Workout2-6 Jacqui-Workout2-7 Jacqui-Workout2-8 Jacqui-Workout2-9 Jacqui-Workout2-10 Jacqui-Workout2-11

Challenger one leg push-up (modifications – glute lift, reg push-up; only glute lift)

Get into a plank position with arms about shoulder width apart. Put legs up onto the BodyRock Challenger.  Engage abs and back so the body is neutral.  Begin to lower the body with your eyes focusing about 3 feet in front of you with a flat back. On your way to the ground, keep your back flat and core strong as you lift your right leg - keep your glute engaged!.  Do not dip your back! Push yourself back up into starting position. Repeat exercise this time lifting your left leg.

Jacqui-Workout2-12 Jacqui-Workout2-13 Jacqui-Workout2-14 Jacqui-Workout2-15 Jacqui-Workout2-16 Jacqui-Workout2-17

Straight bar squats

Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart.  Tighten your core and have a flat back.  Standing up tall put your shoulders back lift your chest and pull in your abs.  Bend your knees while keeping your upper body straight as possible as if your lowering onto a seat behind your.  Lower yourself as far as you can without leaning your upper body more than a few inches forward.  Be careful not to lock your knees when you reach a standing position.

Jacqui-Workout2-18 Jacqui-Workout2-19 Jacqui-Workout2-20

Single leg Down dog, 3 wide mountain climbers

Starting in down dog, engage your glute and lift your right leg.  Keeping your leg lifted, lower your body into a plank position and pull you right knee to your right elbow and place your right toe on the ground.  You're now in a right wide mountain climber.  Explosively hop into a left wide mountain climber, then back to a right wide mountain climber and lastly back to a left wide mountain climber.  Return to a down dog position, with your left leg raised and glute engaged.

Jacqui-Workout2-21 Jacqui-Workout2-22 Jacqui-Workout2-23 Jacqui-Workout2-24 Jacqui-Workout2-25 Jacqui-Workout2-26

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