BodyRock Blast | Day 8

1 Round = 12 Minutes

50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest

Beginners: 1 Round

Intermediate/Advanced: 2-3 Rounds

The Breakdown:

  • Lunges
  • Walking Pushups 
  • Bent Over Row
  • Jump Squats 


1. Straight Bar Alternating Lunges - Start in a standing position with the straight bar pressed above your head (arms slightly bent).  Step back, bending both knees and coming into a lunge.  Both knees should be at 90 degrees.  Return to standing and repeat other side.

Sean - Workout 4-2 Sean - Workout 4-3 Sean - Workout 4-4 Sean - Workout 4-5

Walking Push Ups

2. Walking Push-ups with Balance Trainer - starting in plank with one hand on the balance trainer and one hand on the ground.  Perform one push-up.  Walk the hand that was on the ground to the balance trainer and walk the hand that was on the balance trainer to the floor.  Do a push-up on the opposite side of the balance trainer.  Repeat. Sean - Workout 4-6 Sean - Workout 4-7 Sean - Workout 4-8 Sean - Workout 4-9 Sean - Workout 4-10 Sean - Workout 4-11

Bent Over Row

3. Bent Over Straight Bar Rows - Start by holding the straight bar with arms extended, hands a little wider than shoulder-width with palms facing up.  Bend your knees and bring your chest forward, keeping your back straight and head up.  While you body stays stationary, keep your elbows in towards your body, pinch your back muscles, draw the barbell in towards your stomach.  Return to starting position and repeat.  

Sean - Workout 4-12 Sean - Workout 4-13 Sean - Workout 4-14

Jump Squats

4. Straight Bar Squat Jumps - with the straight bar resting on your back, keep your back straight and bend your knees coming down into a squat position.  Immediately jump up as high as you can.  Land softly and repeat.

Sean - Workout 4-15 Sean - Workout 4-16 Sean - Workout 4-17 Sean - Workout 4-18


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