BodyRock Body | Week 1 Day 2 | Chest & Back


2-3 Rounds
30 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


3-4 Rounds
50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


5 + Rounds
50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest

Push Ups + Frog Jumps

Do 5 push ups, either from feet or knees followed by 5 frog jumps and repeat for time. Edith - Workout2-2 Edith - Workout2-3 Edith - Workout2-4 Edith - Workout2-5  Edith - Workout2-7 Edith - Workout2-8 Edith - Workout2-9 Edith - Workout2-10  

Narrow Grip + Wide Grip Rows

Begin in a upright position. With hands holding the narrow grips bend over and do 5 bent over rows. Return to upright and adjust grip to wide. Bend over and do 5 wide-grip rows. Repeat alternating for time. Edith - Workout2-11 Edith - Workout2-12 Edith - Workout2-13 Edith - Workout2-14  Edith - Workout2-16 Edith - Workout2-17 Edith - Workout2-18 Edith - Workout2-19  

Incline Bench Press

Place swiss ball against wall or couch. Get into an incline bench position by lying against ball at 45 degrees. Press for time. Edith - Workout2-21 Edith - Workout2-22 Edith - Workout2-23  


Lying on elevated step, bosu or swiss ball hold bar straight up above you. Keeping arms straight, lower bar behind your head as low as you can with control. Edith - Workout2-24 Edith - Workout2-25 Edith - Workout2-26 Edith - Workout2-27  

MMA Burpees

Begin in standing position and jump directly up. Roll back onto your back and return tucking feet under. Jump feet back into plank. Jump feet back to hands. Repeat for time. Edith - Workout2-28 Edith - Workout2-29 Edith - Workout2-30 Edith - Workout2-31 Edith - Workout2-32 Edith - Workout2-33 Edith - Workout2-34 Edith - Workout2-35 Edith - Workout2-36 Edith - Workout2-37 Edith - Workout2-38 Edith - Workout2-39

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