BodyRock Body | Week 1 Day 5 | Flexibility, Mobility + Balance


2-3 Rounds
30 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


3-4 Rounds
50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


5 + Rounds
50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest

Sun Salutation

Classic yoga sun-salutations. Edith - Workout5-2 Edith - Workout5-3 Edith - Workout5-4 Edith - Workout5-5 Edith - Workout5-6 Edith - Workout5-7 Edith - Workout5-8 Edith - Workout5-9 Edith - Workout5-10 Edith - Workout5-11 Edith - Workout5-12  Edith - Workout5-14 Edith - Workout5-15 Edith - Workout5-16

Active Crossover Downward Dog

In the yoga downward dog position, reach and stretch one leg up high. On an inhale, bring raised leg’s knee to your opposite side elbow. While bringing the leg in lower you body into plank. Exhale to extend again and repeat 5 times on each side, alternating for time. Edith - Workout5-17 Edith - Workout5-18 Edith - Workout5-19 Edith - Workout5-20

Side Kick Through

From beast positon (on all fours expect your knees are an inch off the ground and your toes tucked under) swivel to kick your right leg under and across your body (to the left). As you do bring the right hip to the floor and raise your left hand. Edith - Workout5-21 Edith - Workout5-22 Edith - Workout5-23 Edith - Workout5-24  

Push Up to Star

Do a push up either from your knees or your toes then rotate to one side and come into side plank. Optional: raise the top leg to make a star. Return to push up then rotate to other side. Repeat for time. Edith - Workout5-25 Edith - Workout5-26 Edith - Workout5-27 Edith - Workout5-28 Edith - Workout5-29 Edith - Workout5-30  

Swiss Ball Kneel

Use assistance to get into a kneeling position on the swiss ball. Maintain the kneel for time. Beginners may want to keep something to hold onto nearby to rebalance. Advanced BodryRockers can try passing a light weight around their body to really challenge their balance. Edith - Workout5-31  

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