BodyRock Body | Week 2 Day 1 | Legs + Glutes


2-3 Rounds
30 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


3-4 Rounds
50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


5 + Rounds
50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest

Single Leg Elevated Glute Bridge

Place your mid back across an elevated surface like a step or the edge of the couch. Position feet so knees are at 90 degrees and directly under your knees when you thrust up. Beginners can use two feet and advanced BodyRockers can elevate one leg and push with the other. Be sure to push through the heels. Do 10 each leg then alternate for time. Edith - Workout6-2 Edith - Workout6-3 Edith - Workout6-4 Edith - Workout6-5

Goblet Squat + Pulse

Hold a 5 or 10 lbs plate in each hand and position them together under your chin. Take a shoulder width or slightly wider stance and squat down as low as comfortable. At the bottom position pulse up just slightly before returning to beginning. Continue for time. Edith - Workout6-6 Edith - Workout6-7 Edith - Workout6-8 Edith - Workout6-9 Edith - Workout6-10

Hamstring Curl In

Lying on your back, place back of heel on top of the ball. Roll the ball in and under your legs, your hips coming up as you do. Continue for time. Edith - Workout6-11 Edith - Workout6-12 Edith - Workout6-13  

Single Leg Wall Squat

Place ball against the wall and your lower back. Position your feet about 1 foot in front of your body. You want to make sure your bent knees form 90 degrees at the bottom of the movement. Raise one leg and squat with the other. You want to feel these in your glutes. Edith - Workout6-14 Edith - Workout6-15 Edith - Workout6-16 Edith - Workout6-17  

Overhead swiss hold reverse lunge with postior and anterior pelvic tilt

Hold the swiss ball directly above your head with locked out arms. Step back into a lunge. At the bottom of the move tilt pelvis forward then back then return to starting positon. Continue by alternating for time. Can be done with weights overhead for more challenge. Edith - Workout6-18 Edith - Workout6-19 Edith - Workout6-20 Edith - Workout6-21 Edith - Workout6-22

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