BodyRock Body | Week 2 Day 2 | Chest + Back


2-3 Rounds
30 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


3-4 Rounds
50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


5 + Rounds
50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest

Decline Push Up + Alternating Knee In and Under

Get into a plank position with feet elevated on step or couch. Do a push up. After each tuck one knee in and twist across and under body. Can also be done flat on ground to make easier. Edith - Workout7-2 Edith - Workout7-3 Edith - Workout7-4 Edith - Workout7-5 Edith - Workout7-6 Edith - Workout7-7 Edith - Workout7-8  

Pull Unders

Hold the bar behind you with straight arms. Bend over as if you’re going to do a bent over row. The bar should be rest under your backside. Raise bar as high as comfortable. Repeat for time. Edith - Workout7-9 Edith - Workout7-10 Edith - Workout7-11 Edith - Workout7-12  

Incline Fly

Lean up against the ball to form at 45 degree position with your upper body. Hold the two weights out directly in front of you and lower to each side. Continue for time. Edith - Workout7-13 Edith - Workout7-14 Edith - Workout7-15 Edith - Workout7-16 Edith - Workout7-17 Edith - Workout7-18

Burpee + Row

Burpees with a sand bag row. Edith - Workout7-19 Edith - Workout7-20 Edith - Workout7-21 Edith - Workout7-22 Edith - Workout7-23 Edith - Workout7-24  

Swiss Chest Squeeze

Hold swiss ball directly in front of you with straight arms and squeeze for time. You should feel this burning in your chest! Edith - Workout7-25p

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