BodyRock Body | Week 2 Day 3 | Shoulders + Arms


2-3 Rounds
30 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


3-4 Rounds
50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest


5 + Rounds
50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Rest

Lateral Raise with Front Slide

Holding the two weights by either side of your body raise them laterally then slide them together across the front of your body to centre and reverse the movement to return to starting. Continue for time. Edith - Workout8-2 Edith - Workout8-3 Edith - Workout8-4 Edith - Workout8-5 Edith - Workout8-6  

Bicep Curls + Triple Stops

Do 10 bicep curls. After completing them commence to do triple stops by holding the contraction of the bicep curl for 2-3 seconds at three locations to the way up and back down. Continue with the statics holds for time. Edith - Workout8-7 Edith - Workout8-8 Edith - Workout8-9 Edith - Workout8-10 Edith - Workout8-11  

3 Part Delts

Holding the two weight by either side of your body with bent arms do a lateral raise, followed by a rotator cuff raise then a shoulder press. Return to starting position by reserving the movement. Continue for time. Edith - Workout8-12 Edith - Workout8-13 Edith - Workout8-14 Edith - Workout8-15 Edith - Workout8-16 Edith - Workout8-17 Edith - Workout8-18  

Tricep Press + Skull Crusher

Ideally lying on a slight elevated surface hold the bar with a narrow neutral grip. Press the bar up to straight arms then lower the bar to your forehead. Reverse the movement to return to starting position. Continue for time. Edith - Workout8-19 Edith - Workout8-20 Edith - Workout8-21 Edith - Workout8-22 Edith - Workout8-23

Y Raise

Position yourself over the swiss ball with your feet hooked under something to hold you down. Keeping you arms straight raise the weight in a Y shape. Thumbs should be facing up. Edith - Workout8-24 Edith - Workout8-25 Edith - Workout8-26 Edith - Workout8-27 Edith - Workout8-28 Edith - Workout8-29

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