BodyRock Boot Camp - Day #14 - Rest Day



Hi BodyRockers,

.Well Done.... you made it to the two week mark !

It's an ''Active'' Rest Day - so get active today.

What did you do over the Weekend ??


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.We Need Rest Days To :

Restock Glycogen Stores

Build Strength

Minimize Fatigue

Reduce Risk of Overuse Injuries

Avoid Mental Burnout

Help Your Body Repair Itself


Eat well & get your fridges stocked with amazing foods ready for the last week.


Rest Day Challenge:

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& Let me see your HIGH FIVES & Workout Pictures Gorgeous people  !!!

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Ps, Thank-you so much if you have been one of the people sharing your foods, and replying to people on the Facebook page.

I appreciate it xoxo


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