BodyRock Boot Camp - Day #15 - Full Body Bodyweight

. . Hi BodyRockers, Day #15 -  We are going to work every muscle in the body today but its ALL Total Bodyweight !! It's a new week filled with new opportunities ... Let's make today count !! Spoiler **todays burnout is AWESOME !!** It's Available in the PLUS ! . Are you ready to train today ?   IMG_4486.


As always, Please let me know what you thought today either below *points below to the comments part* or as most people do - on the Facebook Pages.  . So between the 40 second skipping (or cardio of choice - my choice today is Burpees !!) we are working on every muscle in the Body. . Are You Ready ?   . Todays Motivation: Hi BodyRockers, People are fond of saying that fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise. People also like to say that it’s all about genetics or body types. The truth is closer to a percentage that looks something like this: Fitness is 99% psychological. Before you can get started moving your body you have to move your mind. The real fitness breakthrough is in the power of your thoughts. If you are stuck thinking “I can’t” then you are probably right. The exercise component of BodyRocking takes i workout a day. That 1 workout has changed lives. The only thing stopping them from transforming your life is a thought that you control. Choose to train for a better life. Gift yourself the thought that says “I can.” Engage your brain, take responsibility for your life and get BodyRocking! Enjoy your workout . . . [wobreakdown] . Workout Breakdown: . Set Your Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 8.22.17 PM  to 10 seconds rest & 40 seconds work as below. Advanced - Go Hard, Heavy & Go Twice Through if you can. . IMG_4038-300x300 . Let’s go HARD & get this Workout Smashed ! . You can use your  Sandbagor Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.18.34 PMor  LE_Affiliate_Pic550r powerblockthumb (click images to view) If you are training in your Gym or on your own – Complete as many rep’s of the following exercise’s before the 40 seconds is up: Post your scores below to remind yourself how far you have come when you HIIT this again. . Todays Workout: Remember - You will skip (or copy the cardio exercise I do, or pick your own) for the first 40 seconds while I take the first exercise. Don't worry - I will do variations of each exercise while you watch. So, while you complete the cardio sections i.e skipping - just watch me & then pick the level of that exercise that suits you. (or mix the exercise up for something else if you can't do that particular exercise for some reason - you have to think of your feet sometimes) . Enjoy your workout today - go hard - make every second count ! - Try to do the Burpees !! . Workout Breakdown: , 1. In & Out, Ski Abs, Push Up Jacks 2. Tuck Jumps x 5 & Squat Jumps x 5 3. Tricep Push Ups & Knee Touch - L&R Alternate 4. Push Up & Knee To Elbow - L&R Alternate 5.  Cross Over Bike Abs 6. Monkey Push Up & 1/2 Burpee & Turn Jump 7. Mat Jumps 8. Switch Kick & Toe Touch ..13.

My Workout Gear Today:


Lululemon Bra:


Lululemon Bra:


Adidas Leggings:


New Balance Vibrams:



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