BodyRock Boot Camp - Day #2 - Butt & Legs

Hi BodyRockers, This is it. Day #2 is here.


Todays Shoot Location:

Today's Shoot was at Santa Monica Beach - Proving again that you can BodyRock anywhere. #Noexcuses


Santa Monica Pier:


Lifeguard Station:


The Beach:


Paul Filming:

6050d7a8a8b411e399201278eff3c488_8 Equalizer: IMG_8863 . Today we are working the Legs, Ass, Inner & Outer Thighs with & without weight. OOOOOoooooooooooo Yesssssssss !! I can almost hear your cheers through the screen lol. Look, the fact is that legs are such a HUGE fat burning muscle that they are more important to any routine than you know ( we just don't like the after burn afterwards lol ). So with that in mind... legs get these gorgeous legs burning & looking EPIC for those days when we need to wear those short shorts in style.

How Was Yesterday ?

Today is all about the Dat Ass' As before - we are 100% in this together. You are my training partner & I am yours for 21 Days Straight. So get some weight in your Sandbags today everyone - go hard. . The Basic Squat Technique: Having a great Ass comes with lots of weight, a nice deep squat & more importantly good form. I really suggest using a mirror to make sure your squats are perfect today. I always recommend that if you struggle with squats you use a chair or bench to ''sit'' back on to. This will give you a target point to hit every time you sit back & it will makes sure you are squatting right every-time. Legs hip distance apart. Back straight. Pull you're Abdominals (tummy) in to support you're back. Hips go back first - knees stay behind the toes. Sit back. Once at the bottom, drive up to the start of the move - slightly pushing the pelvis forward at the top. You may be able to get lower than me, thats ok, I have always had very tight hip flexors so squats are not my favourite thing to do, but as a smaller girl I know how much better my shape looks in clothes with some Ass in the mix. So its important to add squats into your workouts girls - not only a huge fat burning muscle, a good ass makes you look & feel sexy in & out of clothes - so when it starts to burn today (which I'm sure it will lol) make sure you keep that thought in the back of your mind to drive you forward & keep going to that final BEEP. . Let me know what you thought today either below *points below to the comments part* or as most people do - on the Facebook Pages.  We are all working towards the same goal. So if a fellow BodyRocker posts a picture or a meal or maybe you just loved todays workout - Show some love by a simple 'Like' or 'Share' - it really does help. So between the 30 second skipping (or cardio of choice) intervals today we are going to be performing some awesome Leg & Thigh exercise's that are guaranteed to make you feel the burn - Tomorrow we are all about Chest & Back BodyRockers. Are You Ready To Get Dat' Good Ass ?  . Todays Motivation: We love to tell you that our workouts take just a few minutes and burn fat for up to 36 hours after. If you think that a few minutes giving you 36 hours of after-burn is cool then what you get from a millisecond is even more powerful. Because you make the choice - you decide to take action in a millisecond. The workout you do is just the follow through. The battle is won or lost and all the rewards are gained in that fraction of a second in your brain. Our real job here is to inspire you enough to get that choice to fire day after day. Consistently making this one choice is the only thing that stands between you and being your personal best. If you add these choices up across say a month, 2-3 seconds of inspired decision making equals hundreds of hours of exercise free, metabolism boosting fat burning action. Your choices have power. Races are won or lost by some of the most powerful athletes in the world in fractions of a second. Believe it or not but your fitness destiny is measured on the same clock. We deliver the most effective and inspiring free workouts online - decide to cross the finish line with us. You can do it. Enjoy your workout . How Bad Do You Want It Today ? .. . [wobreakdown] . Workout Breakdown: . Set Your Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 8.22.17 PM  to 10 seconds rest & 30 seconds work as below. Complete the circuit once through. Advanced - Go Hard, Go Heavy or Go Twice though. . IMG_8579 . Let’s go HARD & get this Workout Smashed ! . You can use your  Sandbagor Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.18.34 PMor  LE_Affiliate_Pic550r powerblockthumb (click images to view) If you haven’t had time to get your equipment yet, or it’s on it’s way – There are Free Home Equipment Ideas – Here If you are training in your Gym or on your own – Complete as many rep’s of the following exercise’s before the 30 seconds is up: Post your scores below to remind yourself how far you have come when you HIIT this again. . Todays Workout: Remember - You will skip (or copy the cardio exercise I do, or pick your own) for the first 30 seconds while I take the first exercise. Don't worry - I will do variations of each exercise while you watch. So, while you complete the cardio 30 sections i.e skipping - just watch me & then pick the level of that exercise that suits you. (or mix the exercise up for something else if you can't do that particular exercise for some reason - you have to think of your feet sometimes) See Here for instructions if you missed the start. . Enjoy your first few steps to changing your life ! . Workout Breakdown: , 1. Prisoner Squat Jump & Switch Lunge - Left & Right - using the Sandbag, Power Blocks or TBar Weights  2. Jump Box Squats 3. Ski Ab Left, Jump Push Up, Ski Ab Right 4. 3 Jump & Drop a Squat - ( Left & Right Move Across The Floor ) 5. 1 Leg Burpee & Tuck Jump - Right Leg 6. 1 Leg Burpee & Tuck Jump - Left Leg 7. Criss Cross & Floor Touch - Left Side 8. Criss Cross & Floor Touch - Right Side 9. Weighted 2 Point Squats - Wide & Narrow 10. 4 Point 2x Left Leg Lunge - (Front, Side, Back & Side Lift) - using the SandbagPower Blocks or TBar Weights  11. 4 Point 2x Right Leg Lunge - (Front, Side, Back & Side Lift) - using the SandbagPower Blocks or TBar Weights  12. Narrow Pulse Squats x 4 - Wide Pulse Squats x 4 - using the SandbagPower Blocks or TBar Weights  13. Wide Leg 2x Burpee, Push Up & 2x Tuck Jump 14. Pulse Lunge Hold & Shoulder Press - Left Arm  - using the Sandbag, Power Blocks or TBar Weights  15. Pulse Lunge Hold & Shoulder Press - Right Arm  - using the SandbagPower Blocks or TBar Weights  16. 8 x High Knees & 2 x Switch Lunge 17. In & Out Legs - Legs Together 18. Single Leg Lunge & Forward Kick - Left Leg  - using the SandbagPower Blocks or TBar Weights  19. Single Leg Lunge & Forward Kick - Left Leg  - using the SandbagPower Blocks or TBar Weights  20. Box Leg Drives - Left Leg 21. Box Leg Drives - Right Legs 22. Box Step Jumps 23. 3 x Low Squat & Jump Squat 24. Left Leg - Box Ball Foot Taps 25. Right Leg - Box Ball Foot Taps 26. Left Leg - Weighted Lunge & Opposite Knee Lift Twist 27. Right Leg - Weighted Lunge & Opposite Knee Lift Twist 28. Squat Left Behind Touch Right & Oblique Abs  - using the SandbagPower Blocks or TBar Weights  29. Squat Left Behind Touch Right & Oblique Abs  - using the Sandbag, Power Blocks or TBar Weights 


My Workout Gear Today:


Adidas Bottoms:

Adidas Trousers

Lululemon Top:



Pre & Post Workout Stretch (2 Videos) - Here


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