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Sometimes it just takes some friends to kick you in the butt. In Marek's case, he posted a pic of himself in a joke "hunk" apron on Instagram, and a couple of his pals were like,

"Haaaa, hilarious! You'll never look like that!!"

Marek Dream That was all it took to trigger a major life change for Marek. He just didn't want to be the funny, husky guy anymore. In his own words, he was a "fluffy battery storing fat." He had a job he enjoyed and a girlfriend who supported him, the only thing missing were the habits he needed to change. We found Marek when he joined SweatFlix and gained access to our Insider group, and he posted this pic of himself for his before and after: Marek Before We were really impressed with his progress, and we asked him how he did it. The following is a copy of our interview with Marek from Slovakia!

BodyRock: How much weight did you lose, Marek? And what were your first steps?

Marek: Well, it was actually easier than I thought! Maybe I shouldn't say that, or maybe that will inspire people. I didn't work out just at the first. I changed my diet first. I found a BodyRock meal plan, and this was before you guys had your current one. I followed that and it took me 4 months of following clean eating recipes to lose most of the weight. I lost 16 Kg that way.

BR: And then what? Did you start to work out?

M: Yes, once I had more energy I realized that under the fat there wasn't enough muscle! I found BodyRock and I saw that high intensity interval training is pretty effective. I started doing that on Youtube, and then I joined SweatFlix and it really changed things actually. That is why my friend said to post on the group. Now I do HIIT, I love following Sean's workouts, and I also do Lisa's. I love it. And I also still eat clean. I live in Slovakia and I love to do Mountain Biking on some days.

BR: What is the biggest change you found since you lost 24 Kg in 6 months and got all muscled up?

M: Haha, well there is still more work I want to do but thank you! Um, I guess the biggest change is just I am a lot more active. I have a lot more fun. I'm not tired and sore all the time. My girlfriend and I love to ski and bike and do active things together which is really great. And I love that I have this whole story that will inspire people. That is really the best part, is that I can tell people, look -- anything is possible!

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BR: What is one tip you want to leave people with, who are wanting to make the same changes you made but don't know where to start?

M: Well actually I think everyone knows where to start, but the hard part is dealing with your own head. I think I want to tell people that it's easier than you think. You just need to choose to have a better life. I wish I had started way earlier, but it took that one post to realize that my dream was to have a better body and better health. It was starting to really bother me, so one day I just decided, hey: I do have the discipline, I can find the help out there, and it's only me keeping me back. To leave you with something that Marek wanted you to know, in his own words: Marek Text  

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