BodyRock Daily | Ep. 10 | Burn More Fat Fast!

BodyRockers, I know that so many of you are struggling to just get off that couch. This is why we've created an awesome tutorial for you today, that will show you exactly how easy it is to get up, get moving even just a tiny bit so you can Burn Fat Fast!!

The 80 / 20 Rule: Correct your form for results!

The very first thing we want to explain today is that if you are using correct form for your moves, you will get way more work done in a single workout. You will burn more body fat, you will shrink your problem areas, and you will build way more muscle.

This is what we refer to as the 80 / 20 Rule: if you are using correct form, you can do 20% of the work and still 80% of the benefits from your workout. Of course you are going to give it your all, but even if you are just starting out, don't think you need to do a full push up for example.

You can do 20% of a pushup, and I show you how to do that, and you can get 80% of the benefit from that move.

Watch the Tutorial Now.

So you've now seen the Tutorial, and we want to talk to you a little more about why these moves burn maximum calories in a short amount of time. You need to get this in your head.

Stop choosing between cardio and weight lifting. Do BOTH in one workout.

And I don't mean do cardio for 20 minutes, and then do weight lifting for 20 minutes, and then go shower off. I mean do cardio for 50 seconds, rest for 10, then do weight training for 50 seconds, rest for 10, then go back to cardio. Do this for only 12-15 minutes a day.

It's simply that effective. Some people call this Metabolic training, but the general term that is used is high intensity interval training.

Read any academic article about HIIT and you will read Physiologists from all over the world raving about the effects of working out intensely for short periods of time, and alternating these intense 50 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. If anyone is having difficulty keeping up with that, they suggest going to 45 seconds on, and 15 seconds off, but the formula works.

High Intensity Interval Training is the future of fitness.

This ramping up of your heart rate and then letting it go down, over and over in a short period of time, builds up more lactic acid in your body, which burns more fat cells and more calories in a given period of time. 9 times more, in fact, than running or biking alone.
In our workout, we use the Weighted Vest and the Challenger Bars. We have these available in our BodyRock online gear store! Get it by clicking here! boost-gtgof-vestchallenger

This is the secret to weight loss through exercise, and what moves to do, what order to do them in, whether you should repeat some or switch it up for every single move, that is what you need a professional trainer like we have at BodyRock. Sean and I, and Marina and Chris Tye Walker, and all of the trainers on SweatFlix are here to kick your butts but also show you how to follow a 5 day program so you hit your legs up one day, your arms the next, how to do full-body combination moves, and how to not over-tax one part of your body just because you like that move.

Follow our Bootcamps and Challenges. It's one workout every day for 21 days, or even just 5 days if you want to target a certain area. But follow them. You will learn so much about how to burn fat fast. ~ Lisa xx

Watch the full workout on SweatFlix!!


Here's the Workout Breakdown!


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