BodyRock Daily | Ep. 11 | You Don't Know Squat #1

Squats, squats, squats...we talk about these a lot, and we love them. We also find that they are an amazing thing for Beginner to Intermediate people because they actually are fun and easy to do. If you get up and just do one squat, I guarantee you, you won't stop there. You will keep going. And that, my friends is THE goal:

Find the move that kickstarts your workout.

For everyone, there is one move that boosts you off the couch, and you can always count on it to work. For a lot of people it's a squat and that's why we love this move. Maybe it's a swing move, or maybe it's one of the other moves I'm showing you today, but whatever it is JUMP UP AND DO IT NOW!! But first: proper form.

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Now you know more about Swings, Box Squats, Row & Flys, and Front Squats. These are just four examples of moves that will kickstart your workout if you just give them a try and get into it! I also want to talk to you about a support system that you have if you join SweatFlix to watch not only this workout but a ton of other workouts, Bootcamps and Challenges. And that's our Insider group. We started this group in June and it has almost 10,000 members now. The posts are so amazing. Some people post what foods they are trying to avoid, and ask for help in avoiding in. They ask for help in being strong to do a workout and get off their butts and change their diets, and people from all over the world comment and like their posts. This is what social media is supposed to be.
Here is just one example of the support people get in the Group! Alyssa broke her leg, and people in our Insider group actually sent her a card in the mail and someone else called her! Alyssa_Card
And of course, as I say in my Tutorial, I am here for you too. Sean is here for you. Everyone at BodyRock is supporting you and cheering you on to get happy and healthy for the first time in your lives, for some of you. Don't lose sight of your goals because it's hard. Just reach out and ask for help. We have all been there, trust me! ~ Lisa xx

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