BodyRock Daily | Ep. 12 | You Don't Know Squat #2

Sean here, showing you some more moves that will BOOST you off that couch! I have a lot of friends, sometimes people I work with at BodyRock, who ask me to help them get motivated to work out. You wouldn't believe the pressure it can be, to work all the time in fitness but not know how to get started on your own fitness journey. So I always offer to do workouts with people I know and I always say the same thing about squats:

Squats: they're just like potato chips.

And everyone looks at me and is like, what? I thought chips were on the "no-fly" list of things at the grocery store! What I mean is this, I bet you can't try just one. Haha, ok, jokes aside, there is a reason why we talk about squats in our first week of getting you up and off that couch and into the best shape of your life. They're fun and anyone can do them, so get up and give 'em a try after watching this tutorial on correct form:

Watch the Tutorial Now!!

Now you know more about using gear with your squats. That does so much more awesome work. If you have the vest and add the bar and weights, then also grab a band and put that around your thighs, you are good to go for the workout that I'm going to give you today.

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Hope you liked this today, it's the perfect thing to do if you want to work out your thighs to slim them down and firm up your legs and butt. Everyone wants a firm shape to their butt and I'm telling you right now, it's not magic. You can do it! Anyone can. ~ Sean Light

Watch the Workout Now!!

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