BodyRock Daily | Ep. 13 | You Don't Know Squat #3

Ok people, if you've been joining Sean and I on our Squat Week, part of our invitation to get you UP AND MOVING with us, then you are ready to add some resistance to your workouts in the form of Individual Weights.

A small amount of weight means huge difference in progress.

I cannot stress this enough. If you do have a 6LB Weighted Vest, like the one I am wearing, you will know that it seems like a big change for the first workout you are wearing one, but by the second workout you can't notice it as much. By the third workout, you can barely notice it, and pretty soon, that feeling of excitement and anticipation when you snap it on is the feeling you will crave when you get up in the morning. It's the same thing with adding some handheld weights to your squat moves. Suddenly you are working your core and really doing extra work on your Obliques, those side muscles on your stomach that will give you that sexy V that everyone wants. But you need to know the correct form for doing squats with weights, and that's exactly what I plan to show you now.

Watch the Tutorial Now!!

Now you know more about using gear with your squats. That does so much more awesome work. If you have the vest and add the bar and weights, then also grab a band and put that around your thighs, you are good to go for the workout that I'm going to give you today.

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Just like Sean said yesterday, I really hope you love squats, because if your goal is to have a shapely backside and really firm thighs, you need to get into squatting. But remember that the mean benefits of doing Leg Work like this is not something you can see, maybe not right away. It can take a week to really see the difference, but you will feel it immediately. You will feel maybe a bit sore the next day, but you will also feel stronger and lighter. You will be able to go up stairs without getting out of breath, and maybe run for a bus and feel like you are on top of the world when you make it. Maybe you just want to run along with your dog in the park, or your toddler. Whatever your life is like, it will be made 100% better if you are stronger and healthier, so start here with the part of your body that connects you to the earth. I really, really want this for you. ~ Lisa xx

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