BodyRock Daily | Ep. 15 | You Don't Know Squat #5

BodyRockers, this is your last day of Squat Week. It's Workout 5 of 5, and we are going to end it in style. I've talked to you, and Sean has talked to you, about how just doing ONE squat can get you motivated to do more squats, or even continue on to a whole workout. You now know that the glutes are the largest muscles in your body, and that doing a number of squats is a great way to jumpstart your fat loss program, if that is your goal.

For FAT LOSS: start with just doing as many squats as you can, then the next day, do 5 more, and so on.

To be honest, getting into the habit of working out really depends on how much progress you see. If you feel better and notice your pants fitting better, there is NO BETTER MOTIVATION. Nothing I can say will be as powerful as that, and it only takes 5 workouts for 5 days in a row to get there!

Today I challenge you: How many Box Squats can you do in ONE MINUTE??

Snap on that 6LB Weighted Vest and meet my Challenge to you. If you film it or take a pic, tag us in your Instagram with your total number (@bodyrockofficial) or if you have SweatFlix, post it in the Insider Group. We want to know....can you beat my score??

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