BodyRock Daily | Ep. 5 | Teeth Squats...Whaatt??

The Holidays can be the hardest time of year to stay on track with your diet and your workouts. This is because your schedule is all messed but, but it's also an emotional time of year. Don't discount that, if you are lonely or missing someone, that can be really tough. I lost my Mum and I always miss her this time of year even more than usual. But the best thing you can do, and you know this from experience, is to get that workout in. To relieve sadness or even just Holiday anxiety, you so, so need to get your endorphins rushing to your brain with a well-smashed workout. Just when the gyms close down for the season, just when it's easy to let yourself go, just when you are feeling like you're going to give up, we are here for you. The absolute best thing you can do is sign up for SweatFlix or better yet, our 12 Days of Christmas Challenge and have a Personal Trainer basically knocking on your door every day. Your virtual door, that is, but it's just as good. The second thing you will get that is totally motivating is access to a whole Community so that when you are shopping or just hanging out, you will see a massive load of posts from people who have already got their workout in, and you haven't yet. You need your bums kicked. We can kick each others bums!! img_0363   We've got an amazing 12 minute workout plus bonus that we are bringing you each day. For example today I talk about just getting some of those reps in. Ok, it's funny! I know it looks funny, when I am saying, "Squat while you brush your teeth!" Or even if you are visiting the relatives and you need to duck into the bathroom and get some Hamstring Forward Bows in. Right, so it's embarrassing? Why is Lisa taking so long in the loo? Well, she's probably Squatting. Oh is that funny? You know what's not funny, is her lean and muscular thighs, thank you very much. I didn't get here by wavering in who I am, and giving up on a workout because I felt embarrassed to take the time whenever and wherever. But we don't just give workouts to you. We are checking in with you in our BodyRock Insider group - our extended fitness family of supportive & motivational peeps that is the beating heart of our Community. Why don't you come in and check it out? Hanging out with us over the holidays will keep those extra pounds at bay, it will help keep you grounded and balanced emotionally, and it will make going into 2017 come from a place of positive momentum. I hope you will join us. We all want the best for you. ~ Lisa xx [bctt tweet="If you want to train with me sign up for It's less than a cup of coffee per week & the first 30 days are free." username="bodyrocktv"]   P.S. If you missed the pre-sign-up for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge then you can still be a part of it. Make sure you sign up for SweatFlix today, and get in on our latest episode!!  

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