BodyRock Daily | Ep. 6 | Lisa's Flat Tour!!

Today we have a real treat for you all, oh yeah. Me in all my glory, freezing my buns off in Toronto. Who decided it was reasonable to live this far North anyway? It's ridiculous if you think about it. Sure, let's all pretend that we are supposed to be living here even though we need tropical temperatures in our homes just to survive. Makes total sense! So here I am showing you around my flat which is totally not flat, there are two levels. It's lovely here, well decorated. I am tempted to try on the clothes of the woman who lives here. This is an Airbnb, which is a great concept if you ever are traveling. Look it up if you don't know about it: it's basically a temporary sublet, but it's a great option! [envira-gallery id="130495"] I would love to say that I am not OCD but as you can see I am dead keen to have everything right where I left it, right in its place. When I'm traveling I kind of leave things placed within reach. The absolute worst is when you are going to go for a workout and you can't find your clothes or your vest, so staying organized is just another way to reduce your excuses, right everyone? Here I am drinking tea which I have a lot to say about. You Canadians, maybe Americans too, drinking that Earl Grey that tastes exactly like soap, I just don't get it! I want to just pour it in the bath and pour in some bubbles, that is NOT tea!! My favorite tea is PG Tips, or Yorkshire tea, or if you're in a pinch make me some Tetley, extra strong, but I will not look fondly on you if you place your weird soapy Bergamot in front of me when I pop 'round! For soap, though, I totally love the smell of it. For real. It's dead nice smelling. See you soon for another little vlog post. These are fun. Thanks for reading. ~ Lisa xx [bctt tweet="If you want to train with me sign up for It's less than a cup of coffee per week & the first 30 days are free." username="bodyrocktv"]   P.S. If you missed the pre-sign-up for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge then you can still be a part of it. Make sure you sign up for SweatFlix today, and get in on our latest episode!!  

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