BodyRock Daily | Ep. 7 | Dog Days Of Winter

Welcome back to our awesome Vlog, it's so great to have all of you with us, seriously. So much of the time we're just sort of doing our thing and we feel like the only version anyone sees of us is our public selves. This is the real, honest look at not only who we are but the work that goes into getting workouts to you all every day! Today you'll see that these are what we can call the "Dog Days of Winter," which of course means some of the shortest days of the year. When it gets dark at 4pm, it can be hard to get pumped up for a workout or to even go to work! For most people it's dark when you go to work and it's dark already when you go home. So having a little dance party at home is totally necessary to our bums in gear! As you can see we are all just sort of dying to bust a move but still a wee bit shy! Except for Ben though. I would say he's not really a shy dude even though he spends his live BEHIND the camera! [envira-gallery id="130503"] Gotta love Sean though. This is classic Sean. If he's not running a workout, he's out at the warehouse moving around boxes and counting inventory, or he's just like this, answering all the customer service about our online gear store. He works like crazy these days, to get you everything you want in time for Christmas! This episode is pretty hilarious. Why I'm being filmed moving pillows around I do NOT know, you will have to ask Freddy why that was super exciting for everybody. Enjoy this look at our lives! If you are still reading, we love you and here's a #Hi5 just for checking in with us when we check in with you. ~ Lisa xx [bctt tweet="If you want to train with me sign up for It's less than a cup of coffee per week & the first 30 days are free." username="bodyrocktv"]   P.S. If you missed the pre-sign-up for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge then you can still be a part of it. Make sure you sign up for SweatFlix today, and get in on our latest episode!!  

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