BodyRock Daily | Ep. 8 | How Beginners Blast Love Handles

Hey everyone out there, I get so many questions about my abs. Working out your stomach and waiting and waiting to see fat loss and definition can be really demoralizing for both men and women. Men often have an easier time of having visible muscle than women, just because women have a higher percentage of body fat on average than men. So many of you seem to think that it will take years and years to get ab definition, but the problem is actually much easier to solve than that. The problem you may be having is that you are just doing sit-ups and expecting all around changes. What you want to start trying are new and awesome alternatives to the straight sit-up.

If you want to really torch belly fat and eliminate those love handles, you need to think about workout your obliques. Watch the video for a great and easy move!!

I just started doing this new move and I really love it. The best part is, it's totally a beginner move that just gets tougher as you get more fit. As in, eventually you can hold it longer and get your legs up higher, but anyone can do it. Today I give you this move, and also show you a bit about modifying moves if you are just starting out. Most people know about how to modify a pushup but a lot of people don't, and they struggle and just give up, but I want you all to know that a modified push up is just as good, and will burn fat and will give you muscle tone.

The important thing is that you are pushing yourself to your max, even if you are modifying, and every once in a while, try doing the move without modifying to see where you are at.

The absolute best thing you can be doing for yourself is checking out our online gear store. Get a weighted vest so that whatever you are doing you are getting more work out of the time you have put aside to work out. The vest feels like nothing is on you, but believe me, your abs popping out all of a sudden after just one week of work with the vest will prove otherwise!! Finally just a word about quitting. If you try a new move and think, "oh this move is rubbish, it's too hard, or I just don't like it," I challenge you to stick with it. Don't give up on a move. Everything we tell you has a purpose: to get rid of love handles, or to blast fat from your upper thighs. We are not just telling you moves we like, we're giving you moves that work. Don't forget that every move is like learning a new skill. You cannot master it right away, or else it wouldn't be worth learning. Your body has a muscle memory, and it will adapt to a new move if you just keep going with it. Don't give in to that inner whine and give up or you will never get anywhere! ~ Lisa xx [bctt tweet="If you want to train with me sign up for It's less than a cup of coffee per week & the first 30 days are free." username="bodyrocktv"]   P.S. If you missed the pre-sign-up for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge then you can still be a part of it. Make sure you sign up for SweatFlix today, and get in on our latest episode!!  

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