BodyRock Daily | Episode 2

Hey guys!

Today Sean and I went well outside of our comfort zones. Let me start off by saying that (obviously) we are not models. We are trainers. Big difference! When Freddy told us that we had a photo shoot booked, both Sean and I were both more than a little bit nervous. 

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First of all I'm one of those girls who doesn't wear a lot of makeup. If you want to know my thoughts on makeup and going to the gym don't miss the video lol. 

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I tell a pretty funny story about the Victoria's secret changing room in the video while I'm getting my face caked on :)

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When you do a proper photo shoot, you get dressed by a stylist. Our stylist was this super cool girl named Chloe. She spent days finding us really cool clothes to wear. 

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I'm not going to lie to you. Wearing clothes that someone else picks out for you can be a bit weird - but it can open your eyes to new styles and trends. Obviously I might not wear a lot of this stuff to the gym (or even out in public lol). The point of this shoot was to fuse fitness with a fashion look, and show off our gear and vests in a new fun way. 

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This was a fist for Sean. He actually found the makeup brushes on his face so relaxing that he almost fell asleep. 

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We had a really, really good laugh about Sean's pants being 'restrictive' in certain areas in the video. Don't miss it. 

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Sean has made such huge progress with his body since he started following along with our meal plan and doing all of our workouts with our weighted vest. It's literally transformed his body in the last few months. You can check out the vest deal and meal plan here. 

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It's amazing all of the lights and strobes and filters that go into making fashion pictures. I got to see a preview of some of the images, and I almost didn't recognize  myself. 

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Sean and I shot some of our vest pictures together. Here I am wearing the 6lb vest and he is wearing our 10lb. You can buy one and get the other free here. It's perfect for working out with a friend. 

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Me trying to look "intense" lol.

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We shot for almost 10 hours non-stop. I think everyone was pretty close to exhausted by the end of the day. The final pictures were in a parking garage that was absolutely freezing. Sean made a pretty funny comment about his nipples in the video :)

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I had a bit of a Beyoncé moment with our Challenger bars. 

If you want to see the finished photos and how it all turned out make sure you are following us on instagram @bodyrockofficial We will be posting them there!

The thing about doing a photo shoot like this is that it can force you out of your comfort zone. It can kind of force you to find your confidence. It lets you play act at being a fun version of yourself and see yourself differently for a few hours. We never take ourselves too seriously and in the end it was fun to be creative with fitness. 

Tomorrow we are traveling back to BodyRock HQ, and I have some stuff I want to share about motivation so keep a look out for that email!

Lisa xx


If you missed the pre-sign-up for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge then you can still be a part of it. Make sure you sign up for SweatFlix before December 12th!


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