BodyRock Daily | Ep. 4 | It's All About The Ass

For me, I had a helluva time getting my ass on point. And I don't want you thinking 'oh, Lisa's going on about how great her ass is'. That's not it.

But as someone who had a full-on pancake ass literally forever, I've worked hard to build my ass cheeks into what they are today. And they are rounder and perkier than they've ever been. In today's video I'm going to walk you through some really great exercises that you can do to work on your ass and get it to where you want it.

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And look - I'm skinny. I don't say that in a bitchy way. I just am. It's very hard for me to make curves of any kind on my body. It was really challenging for me to have any kind of ass beyond the flat variety.

It doesn't matter where you start from. If you're carrying extra weight, these exercises will help you build your ass curves too. Resistance is key tho. Adding a bit of weight to your exercises makes such a huge difference to the results you are going to get. It's why I wear the weighted vest every time I workout - no matter what type of exercise or workout I'm doing. It makes that much of a difference. If you haven't already - check the vest out here. We also have our Give The Gift of Fitness offer where, if you buy one, we send you one free that you can keep or give to a friend or a loved one as a gift.

So getting back to my ass. And your ass. This tutorial is awesome, but the real kicker is that when you train with us on a daily basis on (we show up every single day to train with you) I build into each workout a serious amount of legs, thighs and ass moves anyway. We train full body, and it's the absolute best, no bullshit way to get yourself in the best shape ever.

[bctt tweet="If you want to train with me sign up for It's less than a cup of coffee per week & the first 30 days are free." username="bodyrocktv"]

Check out the video, and get your ass cheeks in gear, and if you want to train with me sign up for It's less than a cup of coffee per week and the first 30 days are free. It's not a lot to pay for a world class personal training helping you finally get where you want to be in your own skin. I'm going to push you and motivate you, and bug the shit out of you until you are the best version of you possible. But you have to want it.

So enough ranting. Watch today's vlog and get some ideas 💡 for how you can train your backside.

See you next time,


Lisa xx 



P.S. If you missed the pre-sign-up for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge then you can still be a part of it. Make sure you sign up for SweatFlix before December 12th


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