BodyRock DailyHiit #1 – Ass, Legs & Thighs

Hi Everyone, This week I want you to make a conscious effort to try your best to be positive, pro-active & motivated. Keep your diet tight & really do your best to do all the things you know you should be doing. Try or add this to your daily routine & get some weight involved to really push yourself hard. Today we are working our Ass, Legs and Thighs.   Workout Breakdown: Set Your Interval Timer to 50 Seconds on with a 10 Second rest. Repeat the following workout 3 x through. 1. Squats 2. Plie Squats 3. Lunge Left & Kick 4. Lunge Right & Kick 5. Left Leg Step Knee Up's 6. Right Leg Step Knee Up's 7. Squat & Side Oblique Lift - L&R Alternate 8. Squat & Press - Alternate Wide to Narrow Stance 9. Jump Squats    

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