BodyRock DailyHiit #8 – BodyWeight Ab Blast

Hi BodyRockers, Let me know if you have been enjoying these challenges & if you would like another challenge after this one ? This workout is perfect to add at the end of your HIIT workout today. Try to make this workout as challenging as possible, Elevate the moves where you can Advanced Athletes. If you want to see Abs you have to make sure your Diet is spot on.


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Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 7.50.38 PM


Todays Video: . Workout Breakdown: Set Your Interval Timers to 50 Seconds work with a 10 Second Rest. Complete the following workout 3 x through. . 1. Seated Bike Abs – Left & Right Alternate 2. Frog Reverse Curls (Feet Together) 3. Roll V Abs  – Left & Right Alternate 4. Bike Abs    

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