BodyRock Elevate – Day 13 – Abs

Hi BodyRockers, Welcome to BodyRock Elevate.

These are short sharp workouts guaranteed to build lean muscle and burn fat fast. Today is all about the Abs. Today there will be lots of leg movement involving a weight. I'm going to help flatten your belly, burn fat and strengthen your core. Let's kill this workout! No excuses!!

Today's Motivation

As you embark on your healthy lifestyle journey, I can't stress how important it is to surround yourself with people supporting your journey.  Too often, I see people taking action to improve their healthy habits and then have to deal with others trying to "derail" them.  This could be as harmless as poking fun at your healthy lunch, calling it rabbit food...but it can also be downright mean jabs thrown your way.  I like to refer to this "stuff" as noise.

 As you continue to work on your healthy habits, make sure to put your blinders up and your ear muffs on to avoid the noise! You set a goal for yourself, you have a plan on how you're going to accomplish that goal - stay strong and stay the course!  I've said a number of times how these workouts are more than just the actual physical workout.  It's a mental and emotional challenge as well.  When others try "derailing" you, that's when your mental game has to stay strong.  I know it can be uncomfortable dealing with the noise, but the more you can stay strong, the easier it becomes!  

On top of that you have your BodyRock Tribe at your fingertips!  Lean on us, we are here for you! For each workout, go as heavy as you can & push as hard as you can through each round until the final BEEP.

Workout Breakdown:

Set your Interval Timers to 50 seconds work & 10 seconds rest. Complete the following circuit 3x through.

  1. Single Leg Drives - Left
  2. Single Leg Drives - Left
  3. Single Cross Reverse Lunge - Left
  4. Single Cross Reverse Lunge - Left

Workout Pictures: Single Leg Drives 


Single Cross Reverse Lunge 


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