BodyRock Elevate – Day 26 – Partner HIIT Workout

Hi BodyRockers, Welcome to BodyRock Elevate. These are short sharp workouts guaranteed to build lean muscle and burn fat fast.

Todays Motivation:

Your past doesn't define you, you are not your past. Because you made a mistake doesn't mean you are a mistake. You are greatness. Believe in ur gifts your talents your purpose - believe in your capabilities. Don't let the outside world influence your gifts. Live your capabilities.

Let nothing silent your greatness. When you unleash ur greatness you will be free - let the world see you shine, don't let anyone make you feel like you don't have a purpose in this life. Know ur worth - when you know ur worth you know you're enough, social media doesn't validate you, you already know you are special, live in your power, live in your greatness, don't let yhe outside world silence you. Love yourself - show the world the gifts God gave you. When you know your worth you won't settle.
Step it up or step it back. Don't let anyone strip you life of its worth. Know who you are - you can be broke and be the richest person in the world if you know ur worth.
Remind yourself of your truth. Remind yourself off ur heart & what gifts you have to give. Remind yourself that worth comes from within!! You are not defined by 'them' - 'them' is anything that tries to strip your life of your greatness & tries to hold you back & makes you feel less about yourself. Accept who you are - don't compare your life to others.
Appreciate everything YOU are - don't measure your life against others - you will always find someone who seems better, prettier, or more successful - don't let the outside world make you not accept your worth. Live ur capabilities !! Give it your all - sometimes you will fall short but try - try to go after the things that make you feel alive. Be with people who value you & remind you of your worth. People who love you for you. Who know & tell you how special & talented you are. Be with people who make you feel alive & want to see you grow. Who tell you how blessed they are to have you in their lives everyday! Be with people who take you to 'next level' in everything, love, friendship, values, commitment, loyalty - in everything. People that see your purpose & gifts & help support your dreams & goals. It all starts with you !! Go after the things ur soul craves, when the world seems so loud, listen. In the silence of your heart you will hear ur soul & the things it needs to grow & feel alive again.
Listen to that voice. Listen to your heart. Listen to your greatness & be everything you can be.
Lisa-Marie xoxo


Now, Grab a partner and get going on today's workout! It's all about engaging your core with these four abdominal moves. For each workout, go as heavy as you can & push as hard as you can through each round until the final BEEP. Workout Breakdown:

Set your interval timers to 50 seconds work & 10 seconds rest. Complete the following circuit 3x through.

  1. Crossover Punches
  2. Crossover Over Head Punches
  3. Feet To Sky
  4. Leg Throws

Workout Pictures: Crossover Punches

Partner-Mountains (2 of 14)

Crossover Over Head Punches

Feet To Sky

Leg Throws

Partner-Mountains (12 of 14)

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