BodyRock Elevate – Day 3 – Abs

Hi BodyRockers, Welcome to BodyRock Elevate. These are short sharp workout guaranteed to build lean muscle and burn fat fast.

Todays Motivation:

What is holding you back?  Whatever you answer, it will in many cases boil down to fear in some form. Many times, especially if you live a life where you have the possibility to reading these words, fear is just a big obstacle in your path.  It drains our ambition, denies us power, and strangles our ability to overcome the challenges we face in our personal and professional lives. When we let fear control us, we are destined to fail. When we control our fear and channel that energy in productive ways, we win.  But what can you do about fear? How can you overcome it?

A big reason why people don’t face their fears is because they think they are safe where they are right now. Fears are created in your mind to make you feel safe. But there is no safety out there really. It is all uncertain and unknown. I will let you in on a fear I had for some time as a host on BodyRock.  I was afraid of criticism, and what people would think and say.

Now I'm happy I overcame this fear because now I'm much happier and comfortable.  I know you maybe thinking ahh really this was one of his fears?Yes it was because it brought several different emotions into my thought process. Fear is actually a signal - a wake up call - to dive into whatever makes you afraid. Make the shift and see your fear as a call to action instead of a signal to retreat. For each workout, go as heavy as you can & push as hard as you can through each round until the final BEEP. Today we work the abs.

Workout Breakdown:

Set your Interval Timers to 50 Seconds Work & 10 Seconds Rest. Complete the following circuit 3 x through.

  1. Plank Up & Down Abs & Push Up
  2. Plank Side Punches
  3. 1/2 Burpee - Small To Wide
  4. Swimmer

Workout Pictures: Plank Up & Down Abs & Push Up

Lisa-Mountains-3 (2 of 18)



Plank Side Punches

Lisa-Mountains-3 (10 of 18)

Lisa-Mountains-3 (12 of 18)

1/2 Burpee - Small To Wide


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