BodyRock Elevate – Day 9 – Full Body

Hi BodyRockers, Welcome to BodyRock Elevate. These are short sharp workouts guaranteed to build lean muscle and burn fat fast.

Are you ready to feel the burn?! Edith is ready to get your arms and legs moving! Today it's all about combining cardio with muscle-toning moves for an all-over, full body workout routine. For each workout, go as heavy as you can & push as hard as you can through each round until the final BEEP.

Workout Breakdown:

Set your Interval Timers to 50 seconds work & 10 seconds rest. Complete the following circuit 3x through.

  1. 5 x Wallaby Hops & 10 Reverse High Knees
  2. Inch Worm Push Ups
  3. Spiderman crawl
  4. BroadJump Burpees

Workout Pictures: 5 x Wallaby Hops & 10 Reverse High Knees

Edith-Mountains-3 (2 of 29)

Inch Worm Push Ups

Spiderman crawl


Edith-Mountains-3 (19 of 29)

BroadJump Burpees

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