BodyRock Fat Burn Challenge | Day 12

Hi BodyRockers, WOW it’s almost the end of week TWO !! Sean is back & he’s taking no prisoners. It’s all about weights today. Are you ready to smash today's workout and take one step closer to the body you want? Go as heavy as you can - by the 50 seconds you should have taxed the muscle so much that you can hardly do another rep. Remember the burn means it’s working & changing your body. If you haven't already subscribed to us, you can do so by "liking" our page here. Also, did you know that we deliver a free workout by email every day? Scroll to the bottom of this page and sign up in the green bar, then choose what you want to receive. Easy and Free! When you're all done, head over to the Challenge Facebook Page and share your experience with the community!

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Today’s Motivation:

Freddy here :) I was thinking today that we each bring something unique to our training. Superman can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes, Batman has his cool car and bullet proof cod-piece and each of us has our own unique superpower that we bring to do battle with our arch enemy Brutus. Our powers come from the energy of our lives - the events, experiences and challenges that each of us face in all of the roles that we take on each day. You might get an extra boost of power for those final reps by thinking about how great you will look this summer as you strut by the pool, or you might pull on the residual energy from a fight you had with a co-worker, channeling that power into your workout in a positive way that releases stress. We each have our own stories, any of which can generate massive amounts of emotional energy. Start looking at this power source as the rocket fuel that will propel you through your workouts and towards the kind of positive changes that you want to make to your body and in your life. So the next time you are pissed off, or happy, or afraid or ecstatic - harness this power and drive it into your training. What is good for the body is also good for the mind.

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