BodyRock Fat Burn Challenge | Day 16

Today we are kicking things off with a new 12 minute interval workout. I hope you guys are looking for ways every time you eat to get some of the Superfoods onto your plates. A big point of this challenge is to start to change the way we think about exercise & food. It's one thing to challenge yourself to make healthier choices, but for that to work you actually have to have the right foods on hand. You have to have Superfoods in your kitchen - which means that they have to be on your grocery list, which means you have to think about what is good for you before you make that trip to Walmart or Tesco or where ever you go to buy your food. Make no mistake eating better requires more focus, you need to be paying attention to your schedule so that you don't end up starving with nothing to eat but the tray of donuts by the office coffee maker. My point is that just like your physical training, making the right food choices requires work, focus and determination. You can't sleepwalk through your workouts and expect anything in the way of results and the same is just as true for your diet. This first challenge is also about waking up, giving ourselves a shake and starting to look for opportunities to make better choices. If you want to make real change towards a leaner more healthy body, then collectively we have to wake up and start eating foods that actually support our health and our goals. It's just brutal to see people training at max intensity and then sabotage this effort by eating junk.
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Today's Motivation:

This workout is cool for a number of reasons. First it is short, so you can really focus your efforts down and challenge yourself to break through your comfort zone and achieve a new max effort bench mark for yourself. Also, we are moving through so many exercises that there is no chance of feeling bored or stuck in one place for very long. We personally love this because everything just seems to fly by at a super fast pace. It's an amazing feeling to realize that you have had a super intense full body workout that has left you sweaty and wiped out and boom it was over almost before you realized it. Just make sure that you guys go into each exercise intent on giving everything you have to the exercise that is in front of you. I keep coming back to this but I want you guys to really fix it in your minds that you are getting into the best shape of your life with each workout that you complete - day after day. As a group we are accomplishing a shift in our health that is global in scale :) It's something each one of us can feel good about.

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