BodyRock Fat Burn Challenge | Day 17

You guys have been writing in that you miss our coffee talks, so we are opening it up to you guys for suggestions. Do you have any questions for us? Is there anything about the site or the workouts that you would like clarified? Write your questions in the comments below and we will make a list and try and get through as many of them as we can. Reading through the comments and so many of you guys have posted positive results and the number of emails rolling in describing how you guys are changing your bodies is just so motivating! We read through so many incredible stories of how you guys are losing extra weight, becoming more toned - how you guys are getting stronger, faster and fitter - We can feel the energy here and as a group I really feel like we are building up this incredibly powerful and positive momentum :) It's difficult to put into words, but you know that feeling when something just feels great? I hope that you guys understand what we mean. On that note, I want you to really put an extra push behind yourselves today. Very often we are capable of so much more than we realize. This is me gently placing my boot on your arse and giving you that extra shove :) Remember that BodyRockers never quit - tell Brutus to go fly a kite. Its abs Today & again you have Two workouts Today - Lisa will carve your six pack & Sean is waiting for you in the Plus Today. When you're all done, head over to the Challenge Facebook Page and share your experience with the community!

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Today's Motivation

There are a lot of new BodyRockers that have joined us on our quest to get in the best shape of our lives for the summer. We have had more people to the site in the last few months then ever before which is amazing because it just shows that our little home workout movement is reaching more people all over the world. The beginning of January is typically the time when people get excited about turning a new fitness leaf, and on the power of new years eve resolutions they exercise with gusto which is great. Unfortunately after this time has passed & we head into the spring - people start slowly slipping back into their old habits and missing workouts. Don't let this happen to you. If you have been with us since the first week of this challenge, then I am sure you can start to feel a sense of momentum building with every workout and challenge you complete. If you can feel this little pull inside now to workout and pay attention to your diet - even if just the tiniest roots have taken hold inside, you have already gained a foothold on completely transforming your life. This is the critical time - if you can just keep going - keep pushing forward, one day at a time you will soon reach the shifting point where this becomes your new lifestyle. Once you reach this point a lot of things become easier - not the workouts or how hard you have to push to reach your goals, but rather finding the inner discipline that sets the people who "do" apart from those who just dream. Keep with us - we are all in this together, and collectively we are changing our lives for the better one workout at a time. See it through to the end.

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