BodyRock Fat Burn Challenge | Day 22

Hi BodyRockers, Lisa Here. Firstly, Thank you for all of your amazing messages & pictures you have shared over the last 20 days, you are so inspirational. I have tried to reply to everyone who has messaged me so far however with 9000 + messages if I didn’t get back to you yet, don’t worry I am working my way through them. Today we train together to start the last full week of this 30 Days Together! When you're all done, head over to the Challenge Facebook Page and share your experience with the community!

Week 4 Calendar

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Today's Motivation:

Today I’m wanting to talk about habits, addictions and how making small changes will make huge difference. I truly believe we are all creatures of habit. This is the same with food. We all have our ”go to” meals, snacks or drinks that we don’t even understand why we buy or eat. We know we shouldn’t even have these around as we are incapable of just having one or two right ? Let’s be honest, that's not why we buy these items when we do lol. They are our ‘treats’, ‘feel good’ or ‘sweet tooth’ items normally – otherwise we wouldn’t feel so bad when we eat too much or too many of them – or in most cases all of them at once lol. We either crave them at times when our will power is low or I know for me, we fall into a habit everyday where our bodies have been trained to crave a certain thing everyday (like coffee in the morning for example) – the opposite is also true for healthy snacks, If I have a salad or smoothie that I love, I will find myself craving it the next day & the next day. We are addicted to the momentary feeling - it’s after the event that’s the problem ! So we need to change this by firstly being real with yourself & owing up to the habit you need to kick in order to reach your goal & then make a conscious choice to not to even buy ‘it’ or put yourself in the vicinity of temptation for a 2 week challenge. Change the habit & replace it with a healthier choice. For those of us that have a habit that we need to improve on thats not food related, you don’t get out of it that easy lol - the same is applied to you. Do you need to be real with yourself about the effort you are putting into your daily routine each day ? Do you make excuses for not doing your daily workout ? do you make yourself a priority so you can feel happy & healthy & give yourself the best chance to see the changes you want to see ? We are all human & none of us (especially me) are perfect, but if you want to meet your goal & get the body you have always dreamed of you have got to dig deep & get real with yourself & make the change today!! If you want to feel healthy & energized & see changes happen, by just making a small change each day will lead to huge results in as quick as two weeks. You will notice your skin will be glowing, your energy levels will be higher, you will see results in all areas & most importantly you will be proud of your achievement to make such a positive change to your life & if you can do this, you can do anything. I want you to experience this & make it a goal to prove to yourself how strong you are. So, If you haven’t exercised in a while, go for a walk on your lunch break. If you have got yourself into a routine of buying unhealthy snacks, don’t put yourself in the path of temptation. If you’ve eaten a few unhealthy meals in a row, make tonight the first healthy meal. If Soda is your achilles heel, buy a can not a 6 pack or change it for water. Aim to be better, no matter how small the difference may be – These small steps over time will make a huge difference. The hardest part of getting healthy is making the first move: - Taking the first step out the door for a run - Chopping up the first ingredient for a healthy meal - Saying no to the first doughnut at work - Waking up earlier than normal on that first morning Remember - Repetitive actions become a pattern & a pattern in the brain becomes a habit Every little bit counts, every little bit helps. It’s time to be real with yourself. It’s the only way. What will you change ? – I want you to commit and share your story below with me !!

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