BodyRock Fat Burn Challenge | Day 29

Hi BodyRockers, OMG we are killing it this week, It’s 12 mins with Lisa again. Only one more day to go and you have smashed the whole challenge! Workout Challenge - HIITMAX - Add today to Day #1, #3, #8, #7, #26- Finish Abs On #3 When you're all done, head over to the Challenge Facebook Page and share your experience with the community!

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Today's Motivation:

Winston Churchill is credited with saying: Half of the problems in life can be avoided by not saying yes too quickly, and not saying no quickly enough. Don't be a willing victim. Being manipulated, used or taken advantage of in life without seeing it coming is a fairly rare occurrence in life. Most of us can sense when a situation feels wrong or when someone acts disingenuous. It is in these moments that you feel the shadow of doubt or when you hear your inner alarm bells sounding that you are at your most powerful. SHUT UP - because whatever words next pass your lips will shape the direction of your life moving forward. These are the cross road moments, where you are going to be either a victim or victwise. A simple yes or no at this intersection can literally change the course of your existence forever. One thing that people have in common that are trying to take you for a ride is that they try to force you to make a quick decision. They do this by putting you on the spot, or using pressure to leverage you, or by making you feel somehow guilty or indebted. Whatever their tactic they are trying to shove you off balance so that you will react the way they want you too. What they are hoping is that you will choose to avoid the confrontation, the pressure or the inconvenience of rocking the boat and give them what they want. You escape this trap by stepping back and putting time on your side. Gather your thoughts and say yes or no after careful, timely consideration of how this decision at this fork in the road is going to impact the rest of your life. If you feel in your heart that something is wrong then it most likely is. At the very least it warrants a pause and reflection on your circumstances. If your intuition or guardian angel is whispering a warning in your ear what they are really telling you is to slow down and get quiet. True power in life comes from having the self-discipline not to react out of emotion, but to respond with poise, dignity and care. Enjoy today's training!

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