BodyRock Fat Burn Challenge | Day 8

Hi BodyRockers, It’s week Two & we are going in hard with Kristin. How do you feel after last week ? Week two is always the hardest & the week most people give up. I want you to keep going as it takes three weeks to see any major changes when you start something new. Remember Diet is key when trying to lose weight & tone up. If you need any help reigning in your diet & portion sizes we can help you. We are online 24/7 on our Facebook Page & we have Guides that will help you stay on track & see changes faster. This workout targets your entire body including your abs. There is one thing I wanted to tell you. If you want a six pack, then you have to work your whole body including your legs. That's the way it is. You can tell me that the rest of your body is great and all you need is the six pack, but trust me, working your entire body, including legs will help you to shed the fat off of your abs, however weird that sounds. I just wanted to tell you guys, that I can't believe the speed at which the world is getting fat and unhealthy. This is kind of scary, because it will effect all of us eventually. Our health effects everything and everyone. Friends, family, co-workers, economy, and medical systems. Some of you said in your comments that you are lacking motivation - why not be motivated by the vision of being the one who pushes and inspires others to take care of their own bodies? Lead by example. Be a BodyRocker - Share your High Fives, Scores, BodyRock Burns & Meals tips & tricks - Inspire the 17 Million weekly visitors we have to keep pushing & be the inspiration they need to start on the wagon. I really enjoy hearing from you guys - let us know in the comments what diet approach you follow. When you're all done, head over to the Challenge Facebook Page and share your experience with the community!

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Today’s Motivation:

Mind Over Matter You can change your life by changing your mind. It's simple - nothing is impossible for the willing mind! We all have the power to gain control of our lives, reach our goals, and live our dreams. Your challenge is to locate, nurture, and believe in your ability to do so. Any lingering sense of inferiority or inadequacy will interfere with the attainment of your goals and dreams, while self-confidence and positive attitude leads to success. To push your body toward ripped perfection, your mind has got to be strong & focused. It is imperative that you hone and train your mind as intensely as you train your body. This means performing mental exercises to replace self-defeating behaviours with positive ones, and to remove distractions and bring mental clarity and self-control. After all, it's your mind that directs and drives everything you do, or don't do - so get it on your side!

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