BodyRock FatBurn Challenge | Day 9

Hi BodyRockers, It’s our second week pushing together. Yesterday was tough & today Sean is going to push you just as hard. Try to go to the beep & move as quickly as possible with good form. When you're all done, head over to the Challenge Facebook Page and share your experience with the community!

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Today’s Motivation:

I want to share "The BodyRockers Creed" - it was submitted by BodyRocker Jordan, and it is a take off of the MarineCorps Creed. I think it is a perfect fit for us BodyRockers - what do you think ? This is my body. 
There are many like it, but this one is mine. 
My body is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master
 my life. 
My body, without me, is useless. Without my body, I am useless. 
I must move my body true. I must run faster and be stronger than my enemy
 that is trying to overcome me. I must conquer it before it conquers me. I
My body and myself know that what counts in this life is not the size of
 our clothes, the shape of our figure, nor society's standard of beauty. We 
know that it is the experiences that count. We will live...
 My body is living, as a part of me, and through it I experience life. Thus,
 I will learn it as a friend. I will learn its weaknesses, its strengths,
 its parts, its movements, and its possibilities. I will ever guard it
 against the ravages of judgment and damage as I will ever guard my soul and
my heart against damage. I will keep my body clean and ready. I will accept 
it as it is and as a part of me. I will...
Before the world, I swear this creed. My body and I are the defenders of my
 We are the masters of our obstacles.
We are the saviors of my life.
So be it, until victory is mine and there are no regrets, but a life well 

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