BodyRock HIITMax - Fit Test - Take 2

Hi BodyRocker, Well it's been 4 weeks since we did this 7 we have pushed hard to make sure we are ready to take this bad boy on ! We started you off with a little Fit Test to see how fit you are @ this very moment in time. You completed 22 exercises for 50 seconds on with a 10 second rest in between each exercise. You wrote down your scores in your journals/diet books and posted them on the site to share. WELL 4 Weeks is NOW complete – I need you to look back and be proud of how far you have come in such a short time with a noticeable difference in your strength & fitness by completing the fitness today while you are still fresh after you're active rest days All you need to do again is do as many of the following exercises below at your own pace and your own level in the 50 seconds. Note: Remember to write down what level you performed each exercise at i.e on your toes, or knees etc – this way, you can compare you're progress over the past 4 weeks. .. Check out the #BodyRockers completing the challenge all over the world - Here  Get the whole workout Here -n keep track of your progress. Just Joined us ? ... Head to HIITMAX Workout 1 ..

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keep track of your progress. Todays Motivation: I want you to put all your energy into today's Fit Test. Push harder & faster than ever before. Find that fire and use it to make you stronger. You are amazing, strong & capable of great things. . Todays Workout Video: . The HIITMAX Fit Test: Set your interval timer to 50/10 and complete as many as the following exercises in the time as you can. We will be using our interval timers in every single workout and it is basically the only must have item for BodyRocking. Our timers let us know when to switch exercises and the “beeps” keep us all pushing harder then a regular clock ever could. Ask any seasoned BodyRocker and they will tell you that working out with our timers takes it to a whole different level. . 1. Squat Jumps 2. Push Up Jacks 3. Burpees 4. High Knees 5. Burpee Switch Lunges 6. Power Jumps ( or Tuck Jumps ) 7. Tricep Dips 8. Straight Abs 9. Surfboards 10. Burpee to Squat 11. Squat & Scissor Kicks 12. Power Jacks 13. Globe Jumps 14. Low Plank Oblique 15. Lunge & Kick - Left 16. Lunge & Kick - Right 17. Squats - Weighted 18. Bent Over Row 19. Reverse Pull Ups 20. Push Up & Tuck Jump 21. Mat Jumps 22. Side Oblique Jumps ...
My Scores : 
Squat Jumps - 30 - Holding 2 x 10kg weights & 6lb Vest on Push Up Jack - 26 Total Burpees - 11 with a push-up & Tuck High Knees - 128 Total L&R - No extra weight just vest Burpee Lunge - 18 Total L&R Tuck Jumps - 36 Tricep Dips - 37 Off board straight legs Straight Abs - 23 Surfboard Burpees - 20 Total L&R Burpee to Squat - 17 Power Jacks - 30 Globe Jumps - 34 Total L&R Low Plank Oblique - 31 Total Lunge Kick L - 14 - 2 x 10Kg Weights Over Head Lunge Kick R - 12 - 2 x 10Kg Weights Over Head (legs were wobbling here lol) Weighted Squats - 16 - 2 x 10Kg Weights on Shoulders Bent Over Row - 24 (arms were dead here) Reverse Pull Up - 19 Push up Tuck - 9 Mat Jumps - 60 Total on Mat (didn't have a box handy) Side Oblique Jump - 13
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