BodyRock HIITMax Season 2

HIITMax Season 2 is on it's way !!

And she is going to be hiiting with you EVERY DAY! It all starts October 27th



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. We are taking your BodyRock training to the MAXimum again. By combining a healthy balanced diet & your daily MAXHiit workout - you will feel empowered, accomplished & see results you never thought possible - all in the comfort of your own home with a training partner right there to push you to the last BEEP !! . The first 5 weeks are LIVE NOW Pinterest on YouTube or www.BodyRock.Tv . Lisa will work with you realtime to push you through your workout & challenge you to reach your goals - becoming stronger,leaner & fitter with every workout - Tone up, get lean muscle, & achieve the huge fat loss using weight, body weight & cardio intervals that will kick your plateau into touch. HIIT MAX provides a total & unique body blast with short short fat burning effective interval routines that will keep your body constantly guessing whats next - 'no two workouts are the same' By combining high intensity cardio intervals with weighted & bodyweight compound exercises, these workouts will not only transform your body, they are the ultimate fat burning and body sculpting program. So sign up and train with the world everyday. If you have already signed up don't worry ... but if you are new to us, get the workouts first in your email by clicking the link below.  

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